The classification of the table in mineral separation industry reachs application

  • The assorted case that the type of table basically presses orgnaization of face of the head of a bed, bed, bearing and adjustable slope device is divisional. Divide this and outside still can go up by other construction, the different classification on application.

    The configuration of the face that press a bed has the branch of different type and right formula. The station sees bed face in the head of a bed, if give mine chamfer to be in left it is different type table namely, be in on the right side of it is right formula table namely;

    According to installation means has repose the cent of type and overhead suspension,
    Have monolayer by useless face number of plies table and multilayer the cent of table,
    By processing raw material differs mineral separation uses table and the component that choose coal to use table,
    By processing ore granuality has ore deposit arenaceous (2 ~ 0. 2 millimeter) table and sludge (one O.2 millimeter) the cent of table. Mine arenaceous table can be divided further again for thick arenaceous (2-0.5 millimeter) .
    Table and fine arenaceous (O. 5. - 0. 2 millimeter) table.

    Bed face is grading working surface. Appearance has echelon, lozenge to wait, our country all uses echelon bed face almost, the advantage is facilitating configuration. the triangle of echelon bed face the belt that do not have mine is cut, receive bottom gangue side to make lozenge bed range, can use effectively grading the surface is lengthened grading time, table of foreign choosing coal is more use. Contrast of figure of face of two kinds of beds sees a picture 11. 5. 17 are shown.

    All bed face all is decorated have a bed, bed trend and transmission way parallel. But also have become intermediate one Duan Bu place tilt of shape, make undee bed (see a picture 11. 5. 18) . In tilt an area is small mineral easily eduction, conduce to consequently raise equipment to handle ability and increase a metal to reclaim rate.

    Bed surface production ability has timberwork, glass reinforced plastics character (fibre glass enhances polyester colophony) reach aluminium alloy to wait. Should spread on timberwork bed face with balata, nail above with wooden bed or felt is plastic balata bed. Face of bed of cloud stannum company besmears with lacquer ash (raw lacquer and) of forge gesso mixture, convert again later get together balata of ester of amine radical formic acid makes coating. Production time limit for a project of woodiness bed face is long and allow changeful form to damage. Already extended range of bed of glass reinforced plastics in recent years. This bed face is the complex structure of steel framework and glass reinforced plastics, working surface besmear cultivates fat wear-resisting layer with corundum. Bed can go up in bed face directly modelling, weight is light (300- - 350 kilogram) , cost low, production time limit for a project is short it is its advantage, predicting service life can be in 10 years of above. Weight of face of aluminium alloy bed level off of light, surface, without be out of shape and service life is long, but cost is high. Our country is in only half industry equipment (× of long =1050 X 800 of Duan Kuan × of mine of platoon of × of Duan Kuan giving mine 2100 millimeter) on use.