PCFK series is reversible crusher is main suitable scope

  • PCFK series is reversible crusher is main suitable scope

    Mining industry uses crusher is to show the granuality in platoon makings is more than the content of 3 millimeter to occupy total platoon to expect the disintegrator that measures 50% above fetterses. Install a creation by English constant. The size cent that broken exercise often presses makings and platoon makings granuality is thick broken, medium break and finely. Commonly used arenaceous stone equipment has gnathic type crusher, strike back type crusher, pound type crusher, complex formula crusher, odd paragraph of hammer type crusher, vertical crusher, crusher of type of cycle crusher, conic type crusher, roller type crusher, double roller, 2 syncretic crusher, shape crusher a few kinds.

    The new-style crusher series that will introduce a kind to produce research and development by SBM machinery below - PCFK series is reversible crusher.

    Reversible crusher basically applies to PCFK series the crusher with broken coal fired of boiler of bed of vulcanization of firepower power plant. Apply to finely phase, but the stock 80mm is broken arrive the following. Flaming of vulcanization bed boiler is coal bead is not coal fines. Because decreased to grind coal process, after passing crusher with respect to requirement coal fired, can get ideal size, and granuality is even, cannot have appeared to smash phenomenon. In broken process, the action of crushing shell is to bear peen attacks the coal that go out piece collide on its broken, will collide again at the same time broken, will collide again at the same time broken the coal after piece new and resilient broken area, undertake again broken. Such, the figure of crushing shell is very great to the influence of broken efficiency. PCFK series crusher is integrated the characteristic of broken line form and involute form, considered the characteristic with stock broken collision at the same time, designed new-style crushing shell, can make stock achieves best broken result, make at the same time not complex also.
    Product characteristic:

    PCFK series crusher is reversible type, had worn away when peen and crushing shell big when, make rotor rotates reversely, the other one side that uses peen and crushing shell works, prolonged service life effectively. Peen shows helix means to arrange on rotor, have particle size after cracking even, broken efficiency is advanced advantage. Airframe of PCFK series crusher by lateral of airframe bottom, airframe, airframe mid wait for composition, for construction of two-way open type, airframe wall contains defend scaleboard, the around end of airframe has observation door, two side have overhaul door each up and down, facilitate watch the locomotive case that investigates equipment at any time, the daily maintenance of handy device.