Fly ash chooses the development application of iron technology

  • Fly ash chooses the development application of iron technology

    Fly ash elects iron is one of technologies electing iron with near future wider application. Differ according to the physics of all sorts of constituent in fly ash, chemistry, can use the method such as floatation, magnetic separation, report choosing, reelect and chemical mineral separation to reclaim respectively, try to use.

    The iron in fly ash basically is mixed with Fe2O3, Fe3O4 the form of siliceous iron exists. The pyrite grain in fine coal is in aflame, iron got rich collect; experiences magnetization to bake after forgive, the part turns into magnetite, fe3O4 crystal. Diffractive analysis points out, in its interior contains have a large number of Fe2O3, of this pair of complete iron reclaim very advantageous. Use what magnetic separation law undertakes iron to reclaim commonly.

    To former fly ash the content on the low side of complete iron in broken bits, should first preelection rich collect, the equipment of preelection is usable and hydraulic come back stream implement. For example some ammunition power plant because magnetite says to rice of former grey broken bits proportion is large, flow via coming back implement after preelection, from inside discharging the fly ash broken bits that arenaceous mouth comes out complete iron got rich market. Its are complete iron grade by 13.91% rise to 20.84% , of complete iron reclaim rate for 65.91% , the fly ash broken bits of rich collect complete iron passes concentrator of cylinder type weak magnetism to undertake grading, grade of complete iron of earning iron concentrate 45.22% , reclaim rate for 39.17% .

    Reclaim from inside fly ash iron ore content does not need to come off, exploitation, broken, grind the workshop section such as mine, its invest to be only be chosen from ore the 1/4 left and right sides of iron, saved large quantities of capital construction and running expenses thereby. The magnetite that chooses from inside fly ash can make the raw material of fire cement to cement plant above all, next can mix into makes puddling raw material into containing the iron ore with iron higher grade.

    The alumina in fly ash and other are rare medicinal powder of the element reclaim with use

    The Al2O3 in fly ash is the andalusite of rich aluminous vitreous body with be not active (the form of 3Al2O3.SiO2) exists, the method when can using chemical mineral separation reclaims. If the United States applies acerbity dip grand,obtain chloridize aluminium from inside fly ash. Because the area comparing a list of fly ash is large, adsorptive ability the strong, character that has tall condensation polymerization. Solid what this fine coal forms fly ash in combustion is too medium, possible adsorption, reductive, rich part is certain rare medicinal powder element. This is rare medicinal powder of the element reclaim close offerred a possibility.

    Fly ash serves as a kind of new mineral natural resources. Its development uses foreground very capacious. Consider in great quantities domestic and internationally to prove with practice. The station of methodological put together that uses mineral separation reclaims and use, it is the important way that settles pollution of fly ash environment and made resource to change. Also be the significant step that raises stage of fly ash put together to use value.

    Research technology of more effective associated mineral separation. If use floatation one magnetic separation, reelect, floatation takes off mud, floatation exceeds the couplet stage flow such as fractionize class. Select a variety of products that have economic value from inside fly ash. If you need to seek advice from fly ash to pick iron equipment price, price of equipment of pink of essence of iron of fly ash magnetic separation, understanding fly ash chooses iron equipment manufacturer, can call directly: 86-21-58386189 67561278