Factory workshop reduces noise at 4 o'clock measure

  • Everybody may have been to a machinery plant, what all the time we trouble so mechanical noise, the quantity surveyor is bearing the worry of noise all the time, so how we should reduce noise, be in especially the staff member of mine machinery industry, of noise avoid more particularly important. I give everybody introduction a few noise below avoid.
    One, origin of the noise below the well and harm
    Noise is a kind of sound wave, have all characteristics of sound wave. From the point of physics viewpoint, throat sound is sound intensity and frequency change random law, desultorily sound. Will tell noise from broad sense is the voice that people does not need. Noise differs by origin cent is noise of of air motive force, mechanical noise and electromagnetism noise. Noise of of air motive force is as a result of aeriform vibration generation. When backset of the existence in gas, or when producing the situation such as pressure mutation, can cause gas to disturb. The blame as a result of gas process of steady flow of air, as a result of,perhaps say of gas disturb, the noise that gas produces with the interaction of the object, it is noise of of air motive force, the noise that produces to place of the exhaust in atmosphere like machine of fanner, pneumatics.
    Press the property of frequency, noise can be divided again to have shift noise is mixed the noise that do not have tone. Noise having shift is to contain very apparent fundamental frequency and the noise that accompanying wave of fundamental frequency harmony, be like charge exhaust. The noise below the well basically is noise of of air motive force.
    The drilling below the well of main source mine of the noise below ⒈ mine well, blow up, ventilated, carry wait for each exercise to have powerful noise generation. Generally speaking, noise time of the biggest, effect is longer is charge and fanner, it is to blow up next, rake mine, lade, pour hammer of mine, 2 broken, lay a railway track path, timbering, even valve of conduit of calm sb's anger is flat etc. These exercise can produce acerb and rebarbative, grating noise, majority of its sound level is between 95-100dB, some exceeds 110dB.
    The main harm of the noise on ⒉ well
    (1) influence worker is healthy, drilling is versed in the strong noise of experience 110dB is stimulated, ear with a buzz makes sound. After a considerable period of time, can pose obstacle of tinnitus, otalgia, hearing even deaf. Some returns meeting night not to fall asleep, cause all sorts of diseases such as heighten of neurasthenic, dyspeptic, blood pressure, arrhythmia.
    (2) the machine noise that affects working 90dB above affects people to chat, interference production handles connection. In the meantime, sound energy of a confusion of voices makes person trouble, indignant, nervous, spirit tired, influence work schedule, reduce labor productivity.
    (3) the influence is safe. The well issues powerful noise, make a person inaudible roof fall, piece the omen of the preaccident such as the side and blow up cautionary signal, bring about the happening of workshop accident easily.
    2, noise pilot method
    (one) reduce acoustical source noise
    ⒈ transforms production craft and choose low noise equipment.
    ⒉ raises machining to reach assemble precision, in order to reduce mechanical vibration and the noise that attrition produces.
    ⒊ should fall to air current of high pressure, high speed low-pressure difference and velocity of flow, or appearance of nozzle of change air current.
    (2) the control in spreading way
    ⒈ is reasonable on total position design. When plane of arrangement factories and mines is designed, answer to be far from workshop of main noise source or device the workshop with quiet requirement, lab, office to wait, or equipment of will loud noise is centered as far as possible, control in order to facilitate.
    ⒉ is used add set protective screen to prevent noise transmission, or use natively form to be like slope of hillock, earth, woods, brushwood or the tall edifice that are not afraid of din or add set build content to wait.
    ⒊ uses the directivity characteristic of acoustical source to control noise. If discharge high-pressured boiler exhaust of the be on the lookout of steam, blast furnace, machine that make oxygen,wait for moor of eduction mouth front or sky, in order to reduce the effect to the environment.
    (3) of the person that the butt joint suffers defend
    ⒈ undertakes an individual defend to the worker, if wear helmet of earplug, ear-muff,wait defend noise articles for use.
    ⒉ takes worker rotate work, shorten the working hours that is versed in the person enters loud noise environment.
    (4) adopt noise elimination, sound absorption, sound insulation, vibration isolation, decrease brace up wait for measure.
    Above 4 o'clock is the crucial route that eliminates noise, hope everybody can notice his body, our company tries to reduce the noise of the workshop in idea all the time, give a worker a favorable working environment.

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