Sale of equipment of breaking equipment of limited company of machinery of Henan SBM mine, mineral separation, stoving equipment is hot

  • Recently, countrywide weather is unusually cold, however the equipment sale of SBM mine machinery is however unusual hot. Consistent with quality tall, price is reasonable the Henan SBM mine that is guiding ideology is mechanical mouth of limited company gate, the large semi-trailer that pick up the goods comes to before has been discharged removed cue. "Quality is excellent, make the product demanded exceeds supply. " company controller white director announces so sale " unusual " reason.

    A year ago, company flower weighed gold to invite foreign expert to be opposite at present mine equipment undertakes reform, through design of a year, the equipment such as the crusher that my company produces, ball mill, dryer, rotary kiln, all use new-style wear-resisting material and energy-saving design, make service life of my company product rose greatly, classy rate also has the product to promote substantially, the price is more reasonable also at the same time.

    After new product just came out, got the favour of broad client, the market reputably ceaseless, order also followings sb's heels and come, my company sale is spent promote substantially, sale of item the year before last year is spent had been close to 100 million yuan to close greatly, the future that believes SBM is met certainly more good.

    "The technology decides productivity "- - still be can adamantine after SBM person take technical course, enhance the product market competition ability of my company ceaselessly.