Gnathic broken machine is commonly used at iron ore primary and broken

  • Gnathic broken machine is commonly used at iron ore primary and broken

    All the time since, our country is steely production big country, also be big country of iron ore consumption. In recent years, as a result of flying development of economy, our country also increases considerably to the demand of iron ore. Iron ore regards manufacturing iron and steel as one of the mainest raw material, its develop a state to having very big effect to the development of rolled steel, and the expands to be able to promote iron ore ore deposit again development of rolled steel. In facilities of iron ore treatment, the application of the crusher equipment such as gnathic type crusher, conic crusher is very wide.

    Gnathic type crusher basically is used at iron ore thick in mixing, break link, compare of gnathic type crusher into makings quantity big, broken capability is stronger, in iron ore broken domain advantage is clear. And the finely segment that conic crusher uses at iron ore, its production efficiency is tall, finished product quality is good, and application is agile, can adjust stock granuality according to producing demand, extended the applied range of stock greatly. So the development of iron ore market, it is the development that drove mechanical industry not only, was to lead crusher to wait more smash the development of equipment.

    Gnathic type crusher has very important place in the broken treatment of iron ore, because the hardness of iron ore is bigger, broken it is more troublesome, and gnathic type crusher is commonly used at wide broken market, and broken ability also compares other equipment ambitious, the primary and broken result that says crusher of the type that use jaw will finish iron ore so is very good, product quality is high also, brought bigger development market for iron ore.

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