The 3 points when crusher jaw defeats manufacturer choice

  • The 3 points when crusher jaw defeats manufacturer choice

    Crusher jaw is broken basically use as in the branch such as mine, building materials, capital construction thick broken machine and in broken machine. But domestic crusher is at present gnathic level of technology of broken production manufacturer differs very great disparity, the product that has a few manufacturer approachs world advanced level basically, and photograph of advanced level of the product of most manufacturer and world is older than difference.

    Picture of product of gnathic type crusher

    So choosing manufacturer, want to strengthen an attention surely, break the point when the factory chooses to analyse crusher jaw greatly today, following:

    Pick a brand

    Generally speaking, famous brand crusher is gnathic broken manufacturer scale is relative bigger, ability of research and development, quality makes sure the condition is stronger; Product quality is stabler, service life is longer also, 3 packets of services are more seasonable.

    See certificate

    Jaw defeats normal crusher to be controlled through examining, equipment quality has relative to a few products that do not have card assure. Jaw defeats the crusher that obtain evidence to be stuck have badge sign. Want special attention the product that some enterprises have a lot of type, a kind of product has the possibility card, other model does not have card certainly.

    Equipment explains

    Parameter of meaning of content of number of model of product of crusher jaw broken manual, name, executive level, safe warning, model, main suitable scope, main technique, function and maintain, breakdown and eliminate to wait for content must all ready. Admonitory content should be highlighted express; What broken manufacturer address wants crusher jaw to go up with other file and nameplate is consistent. If do not have address or connection phone,be number of a mobile phone only, such product often dispute is normal crusher jaw is broken, do not answer choose and buy.