The wet level of water is massive to influence of floatation machine technology

  • The wet level of water is massive to influence of floatation machine technology

    More familiar to floatation machine friends know, the indispensible floatation equipment when mine is being produced with the mineral separation industry of floatation machine. Because do not have the mineral separation production with its normal word to cannot undertake, it is a indispensable working procedure. And we still know, mine asks to need a lot of index with the craft of floatation machine, common e.g. hydrophoby, but buoyancy, hydrophily is waited a moment etc, and this among them water of the most important nothing is more... than is wet degree. The wet rate that why says water is the most important? This has a reason among them, listen to SBM to be you please fine fine line comes, you understand this with respect to this among them cause and effect.

    Through SBM long-term research experiments, discovered mine uses the mensurable relationship between horn of wet contact of the embellish inside floatation machine and three-phase interface force. Always can produce the ingredient of the influence to interfacial tension so, can show effect to the wetability of solid surface. For example, all sorts of organic floatation agents with inorganic, and all sorts of active ion in aqueous solution can produce an effect to interfacial tension. Demonstrative mine uses the profit inside floatation trough cost of wet contact character heals big, solid surface is healed by the degree of water embellish Nie low. The exterior hydrophoby that also can say this kind of solid heals strong, conversely, cost of character of embellish wet contact heals small, solid surface is healed by the degree with water wet embellish tall, namely the hydrophily of surface of this kind of solid heals strong.
    The hydrophoby that the experiment still makes clear mineral surface heals strong, criterion this are mineral pull but buoyancy has healed, conversely, the hydrophily of mineral surface is stronger, this are mineral pull but buoyancy is poorer. This is meant, want to be measured so that liquid surface tension and osculatory horn are worth only, can decide mineral but buoyancy discretion. In fact, this is the mathematical inference below ideal condition only. Up to now, can measure location to give the numerical value that contacts horn below static condition only. Additional, say strictly, the interfacial tension of solid and interface can be unequal. Tension of interface of general and mineral underwater is digital should compare an interface can low much. So, with the contact that measures below static condition normally horn is worth the index that regards an evaluation as mineral surface wetability.