SBM mine machine: The economy that building rubbish second birth exploits (3)

  • Be in Germany, 1989 factory of second birth of a stationary (do not include praedial) total investment needs 3.2 million DM(450 10 thousand DM, and movable type or factory of half movable type will cost 700 thousand DM to come 900 thousand DM. Building rubbishsecond birth charge depends on the quality requirement of second birth product. Demolishing the spot to use processing of movable type device to demolish litter, charge lowest, but the product can make backfill use only. The second birth charge of this kind of material was in 1989 5DM/ ton (7DM/ ton between. Be in permanent worker factory, mix cleanness treated demolish building rubbish to process high quality product, operating costs will achieve 10DM/ ton (12DM/ ton. If the works is falling under optimal productivity condition,move, criterion operating costs can exceed 15DM/ ton.

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