MZDS vibrating head is ground control arenaceous machine function

  • MZDS vibrating head is ground control arenaceous machine function

    MZDS vibrating head is ground make arenaceous machine, introduce simple unilateral vibrator drive, make suttle the ratio with athletic quality by current 1.4 times reduce 1 times, make the power comsumption of oscillatory bearing by 0.5 fall 0.3, grind photograph comparing with groovy vibration, the rotate speed coming back that form of this kind of the motion that grind interpose that decorates means can make grind interpose is spent increase 4 times, because this increased attrition, cut, boil control function.
    Use among to makings, two end give the breaker plate that wear a bottom makings form, agree with production building freeway, irrigation works makes 0.1-5mm arenaceous bead, agree with to be rectified arenaceously at the same time model, like fireproof aggregate, metalloid mine, purificatory quartz melt quartz is arenaceous, arenaceous wait for an industry, use a variety of metalloid scaleboard, grind medium or special type medium oneself, ensure stock is not polluted.
    Deep cold prejudicial vibration grinds MPWS characteristic, simple tube vibration is ground, side drive, equipment height is low, lie between shake reliable, vibrator standardization rate is high, the lining that grind a canister is convenient, scaleboard and cylindrical shell connection are reliable and durable, service life can amount to two years, can realize treatment of true free from contamination; Outside maintaining the job to be in, the ministry undertakes, safeguard easily; Can use at grinding mine by fits; Vibrator uses oily Chi Run to slip, maintenance-free, need to time only change lube can. News source: Http://