Equipment of golden mine mineral separation, technological process of equipment of the mine that select gold - SBM mine machine

  • Equipment of golden mine mineral separation, technological process of equipment of the mine that select gold - SBM mine machine

    Gold is in the content in ore is extremely low, to extract gold, need general ore is broken use mineral separation method with mill beforehand rich collect or make from inside ore golden depart comes out. Use in gold mineral separation more is reelect and floatation, reelect law has very important place in arenaceous gold production, floatation law is cliff gold mine wide for the mineral separation method that use, at present 80% cliff gold mine of our country of the left and right sides use this law to select gold, mineral separation technology and equipment standard had bigger rise.

    In recent years, the golden mine equipment of our country had very big rise, sort and model are very rich also. Arrive from mining mineral separation, had had complete industrial catenary. The rapid development of craft of golden mine mineral separation and equipment has an amount to the total output of our country gold and average per capita rise, to national economy development has very important sense. Current, the technological process of the mine that select gold basically is as follows:

    One, broken with grind mine

    According to investigation, factory of gold of our country choosing uses gnathic type crusher to undertake more thick broken, use standard type conic break in broken mine machine, and finely use short head dummy conic broken mine machine and machine of broken to roller mine. Medium, small-sized the factory that select gold uses broken ore deposit of two paragraphs of one closed circuit mostly, large the factory that select gold uses technological process of broken mine of 3 paragraphs of one closed circuit.

    To improve mineral separation productivity, dig equipment latent capacity, undertook transforming to broken mine flow, make the utilization factor of ball mill rises, adopted main step is to execute much brokener grind less, reduce wear ore size.

    2, reelect

    Reelect is compared in application of cliff gold mine extensive, serve as auxiliary craft more, thick bead gold reclaims in wearing mine return circuit, create advantage for floatation and cyaniding craft, improve mineral separation index, raise golden over all recovery, to increasing crop is mixed reduced cost to produce positive effect.

    Shandong province had the 10 many factories that select gold to use reelect about this one craft, average over all recovery can raise 2% ~ 3% , business economic benefits is good, according to not complete count, can get millions every year yuan profit. The province such as Henan, Hunan, Inner Mongolia (area) the result that also has obtained, adoption main device has chute, table, jigger and short awl to come back stream implement etc. From our country majority gold mine looks, float - heavy combination flow (floatation gangue uses reelect) comfortable at using, will popularize level to grind mine phase to choose energetically henceforth fasten flow, advocate can close, the mineral separation principle that accepts early.

    3, floatation

    According to investigation, 80% cliff gold mine of our country of the left and right sides use floatation law to select gold, yielding concentrate sends toward coloured smeltery processing more. Because cyaniding law carries day of beneficial development of gold and enterprise to be,raise economic benefits, reduce concentrate to carry a loss, in recent years product structure produced bigger change, adopt on the spot to handle more (because choose the contradiction between smelt metal and valuation,also wait for a problem of course, force proper motion of mine on the spot to handle) make floatation craft have greater progress, the important place that comparative is had in gold production. Have normally preferential floatation and mixture floatation two kinds of craft.

    Be transformed in technological process in recent years and drug adds system respect to have new progress, floatation reclaims rate is apparent also rise. Seize the 40 many mills of countrywide that select gold, findings of floatation technology index makes clear, vulcanization mine floatation reclaims rate for 90% , a few is as high as 95% ~ 97% . Oxidation mine reclaims rate for 75% the left and right sides. Achieve 80% ~ individually 85% . In recent years, the innovation of floatation technological process is transformed and scientific research achievement is very much, the effect is apparent.

    Level wears float circuit, heavy - float combination flow, it is the main trend that at present craft of our country floatation develops. If mine of West Hunan gold is used,weigh - float combines technological process, undertake level grinds mine phase to choose not, achieve better target, reclaim rate raise 6% above. Mine of mine of mine of anxious home gold, 5 dragon gold, article valley gold, east also obtain certain result the mine that enter gold.

    Be like mine of new city gold again, primary technological process is raw ore direct floatation, because contain mud taller (ore itself contains mud tall, add mining end arenaceous cementation to fill up again intensity is insufficient, bear partial mashed vegetable or fruit arenaceous) make mineral separation index falls continuously. Classics check experiments, used sludge arenaceous grading technological process, reclaim rate by 93.05% rise 95.01% , concentrate grade 135g/t raises 140g/t, stabilized production.

    In last few years, to rise grading the effect, while craft is improved ceaselessly, add to drug system and mixed to also make many improvement with formulary face with research, in the implementation that add drug automata respect also has new progress.

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