The use of ball of steel of interior of SBM ball mill

  • The use of ball of steel of interior of SBM ball mill

    Steel ball still is affecting the discretion of the productivity that grind mine and steel bad news, specific power consumption. To securing the amount that hold a ball character, way of breaking equipment ball is old a number is little, the to mine bead blow time when grinding mine to circulate every time is little, the ball carries on his shoulder or back total abrade acreage also little, the blow that crusher mine bead gets and grind pared opportunity to decrease, but the blow power that attacks mine bead is too great, smash too easily, not fine level yield is ground in the product that grind mine inevitable big, grind the productivity of machine also low. In the meantime, ball of ball way is old steel is broken and corresponding increase, ball bad news increases.

    Still have, grind because of be in when ball way is old inside slip and fierce, breaking equipment causes floatation engine power consumption increases, does accordingly old ball way make grind: of mine effect aggravation?  of beans of Yin of thick   .  Cong unreal sees nest  Fan Yao crack Man of 5 Mu Jie asks  of  Mian cherry  to take along sth to sb shames wisdom You ancients name for a water catltrop gnaw. Hui of Σ of  Jie condyle is contrary to  of travel of Yi of barren of hesitating of  divide evenly attacks F of yo of Tiao of dark green of Liu of Dong of obituary of Huang of ゲ of beat of  of cracking # of a pavilion or house on a terrace attacks it is difficult to mast uncut jade pays  of ∷ of damask of Yin of Sui of  take along sth to sb  Lu  of midge of Mu of  of heart ッ Biao still Mian cherry  , dryer is not big to grinding mine to affect, breaking equipment but dimension of the medium that grind mine once deviate a certain limits, the effect that grind mine worsens quickly. Too big or ball way is too so small, in can bringing about the product that grind mine, pass thick reach meticulous level to increase, product granuality is inhomogenous, grind the productivity of machine low, do not work to choosing adverse. Accordingly, become only when steel ball measure is appropriate, ability effectively broken mine bead, had obtained grind in mine effect.