The expiration period of crusher wear-resisting component

  • The expiration period of crusher wear-resisting component

    Well-known, the rapid development of crusher is pillar with the material application of new-style wear-resisting. Put forward tall manganese steel 82 years above all, after passing a few processing, sclerosis is machined to component surface in high impact load and tall extruding stress. Basically be to be used the toothed segment at gnathic type crusher, first class of the mantle of conic type crusher, calm awl, hammer, be called material of generation wear-resisting. It applies to low concussion not just load is used when low perhaps stress. As the development of crusher tool industry, more and more problems are following one by one, e.g. the requirement of the amplification of broken domain limits and equipment prolonged , the industry should expand the higher demand of pair of wear-resisting material ceaselessly.

    1930 the left and right sides appeared hard nickel is cast-iron, its hardness can achieve HRC55-60, regard the 2nd generation as wear-resisting material, because brittleness is bigger, can make a few petty component only so. The spiral ribbon that washs arenaceous machine for example. And the nickel mine natural resources of our country is very little, what use so is less also.

    Our country is in the production of equipment of a few high end, the tall wearability that chooses an entrance commonly material is qualitative, have alloy content tall, liquidity is good, contractility is good, difference of heat conduction function waits a characteristic a moment, designing moment of cast modelling craft so, accept ordinal and caky principle. Pound hammer, strike back board etc thick big cast basically is to use a few special casting methods. At present the research of material of new a few wear-resisting is undertaking ceaselessly in, have as we have learned, cast steel of tall tenacity martensite, cast steel of austenite of excel in tenacity is waited a moment, the wear-resisting material that hopeful makes new generation. Once these new material are applied, will drive our country to strike back greatly type crusher and the rapid development that pound type crusher.

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