SBM dispatch: Have sth in mind of 925 equipment manufacturing industry 5 big targets

  • Have sth in mind of 925 equipment manufacturing industry 5 big targets

    Industry letter ministry draft " " 925 " industry of high-end equipment manufacturing industry develops a program " had finished, awaiting approval of the State Council. Participate in draft " program " authoritative personage discloses, the program is developing the have sth in mind on direction 5 fractionize industry: Railroad of aviation, spaceflight, high speed, marine project, intelligence equips.

    According to newest report, draft by the branch such as industry and informatization ministry " " 925 " industry of high-end equipment manufacturing industry develops a program " (next weighing " program " ) had finished, awaiting the State Council to approve.

    Draft according to participating in " program " authoritative personage discloses, high-end equipment manufacturing industry " 925 " the program is developing the have sth in mind on direction 5 fractionize industry: Railroad of aviation, spaceflight, high speed, marine project, intelligence equips. " program " predict 2015, high-end equipment manufacturing industry year sale production value will be in 6 trillion yuan of above. Strive 2020, high-end equipment manufacturing industry sells production value to occupy equipment manufacturing industry to sell the 30% above of production value, contented rate exceeds home market 25% .

    Mechanical science studies total courtyard concerns personage introduction, high-end equipment manufacturing industry is the high-end part of equipment manufacturing industry, have a technology concentrated, additional cost tall, growing space is large, drive action to wait for outstanding characteristic by force, equipment manufacturing industry is a country is strategical the mark that industry and industry rise, it is the foundation of manufacturing industry and core competition ability are in one country.

    According to " plan " analysis, the main problem that at present manufacturing industry of our country equipment exists depends on the following respects: Excessive depend on investment growth. Own innovation ability is fragile, lack core technology and own brand. The foundation makes horizontal lag, domain existence repeats the part to build and be produced can superfluous. Utilization rate of energy natural resources is low, product specific power consumption is advanced problem.

    "These year of success that manufacturing industry of our country equipment gained your person to fix eyes upon really, but we just still make big country, do not calculate on production powerful nation. " Shi Yong of strategy of academy of machinist trade news and program institute director thinks, lack designs technology of core of key of ability, lack to had become the bottleneck that the industry grows independently. Introduce according to him, chinese economy gross occupies world front row, however Chinese manufacturing industry is in on the whole in global industry catenary mix downstream buy of small end position.

    Basis 2009 data of bureau of each country statistic, gross of dimensions of manufacturing industry of our country equipment is 2.2 trillion dollar, the United States drops by 2 trillion dollar to 1.5 trillion dollar, japan is 1.23 trillion dollar. "Can say, manufacturing industry of our country equipment has been done now big, next the target is to do strong. " department of industry of equipment of industry letter ministry expresses about the personage.

    " plan " the key direction that pointed out 5 fractionize industry. Aviation respect, accelerate the key advance large airlines development, develop plane of series branch line, global airlines and helicopter energetically, key breakthrough engine is important and airborne system and crucial equipment. In respect of high speed railroad, train of quick orbit car runs border of train of high speed of key research and development, change trains train, city and city control system. In respect of marine engineering equipment, key development exploration, development, production, treatment, store carry equips, maritime exercise and auxiliary service equip, special type resource develops equipment, content of large and maritime structure, sea leaves system and crucial equipment and system, in the meantime, give aid to marine but second birth the sources of energy uses resource of equipment, marine mineral products the research and development of the equipment, marine equipment that monitor and innovation, extend the new field that the industry develops ceaselessly. Equipment field is created in intelligence, the key advances nicety and intelligent apparatus appearance and test equipment, intelligence to control machine tool of component of system, crucial foundation, high-grade numerical control and intelligence special equipment.

    "925 " during the development target of equipment manufacturing industry is:

    It is own innovation ability rises significantly. Break through and master the core technology of domain of a batch of keys, form a batch of own technologies and standard, great technology equipment changes ability and level to promote considerably independently, science and technology is great and special obtain positive result of significant level , entire industry new ratio defective product exceeds 30% , obtain patent accredit several years to all be added fast achieve 50% , the contributive rate that progress of science and technology increases to economy rises considerably.

    2 it is industrial structure is optimized upgrade. Quality of traditional equipment manufacturing industry rises further, strategical burgeoning industry forms local advantage, line of business of contemporary production service grows quickly, the big company group that forms a batch to have international competition ability and international are famous brand, develop a batch of equipment that have global force to make assemble division, the proportion that burgeoning property production value holds entire industry gross value of industrial output is achieved 15% , large company group makes income of service line of business occupy proportion of its sales revenue to achieve 30% above.

    The 3 harmonious sexes that are development increase apparently. Level of groovy equipment manufacturing industry ranks the cogongrass before the world, equipment of major whole set, hi-tech equipment and the equipment that hi-tech industry requires are changed independently rate achieve 80% , ability of fundamental form a complete set promotes considerably, crucial component, foundation change independently rate achieve 80% , general component satisfies domestic requirement basically.

    4 it is to develop quality and benefit to rise steadily. Complete element productivity rises apparently, industry increases cost rate to achieve 35% the left and right sides, industry of nation of prep above of economic benefits aggregate index is average level, in optimize a structure, raise benefit foundation to go up, implementation equipment manufacturing industry coordinates healthy progress smoothly.

    5 it is to be able to last ability increases further. Industry increases bad news of value specific power consumption, water 10 thousand yuan to drop stage by stage. Enterprise cleanness production examines and approve utilization rate of litter of solid body of rate, industry to promote stage by stage, circular economy and green industry system are formed basically.

    In addition, still should increase finance to support strength. Increase strength of export credit fund, supportive home company contracts foreign project, drive whole set of equipment and construction machinery exit, encourage financial orgnaization to wait for a variety of means with loan of mortgage of order of guarantee slip loan, export, support exports industry financing.

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