The feasibility that linear vibrating separator designs motor synchronizing and necessity

  • Vibrating separator is the oscillatory machinery with a kind of extensive use, the technical level of sizing device matters to ore natural resources and raw material directly with use circumstance use, those who produce efficiency and the sources of energy is managing. Sieve machine design is reasonable, affect its work performance directly. Accordingly it develops in screening technology important place is had in the process. At present the design of vibrating separator, with groovy design method of computation and analogy design is given priority to, the job precision of trival, design is low, periodic long, and win the design program with each function satisfactory index not easily. Although certain experience lesson was accumulated in long-term practice, but because lack is contemporary those who devise theory and method is directive, bigger blindness still exists when the design, to explore a group of satisfactory plan, often need to undertake many handiwork is calculated. Design efficiency not only so low, and bigger also to the dependence of prototype, be hard to innovate. Motor synchronizing is linear vibrating separator is a kind of technological equipment, it has wide applied perspective in screening exercise domain. But as a kind of product, it often should face the diverse demand of the user necessarily, and every kinds of requirement that is aimed at an user, must actor or actress the vibrating separator that chooses different type, the anticipation with actor best choosing the design parameter of the effect, and have the setting of specific function to vibrating separator. Press groovy design method, use hand 〔 design and hand 1_ plot, design cycle is long, efficiency is extremely low, cause many repetition to work, accentuated the labor intensity that designs staff, increased the design cost of the product, go against the development of the product, the avid demand of incommensurate also market. Accordingly, urgent need changes traditional design method, use modern design method, namely CAD and computer assist a project: CAD/CAE(ComputerAided Design/ Computer AidedEngineering) . Apply CAD/CAE technology to undertake motor synchronizing the design of linear vibrating separator more and more get the attention of people. As the globalization of economic commerce, market competition is increasingly intense, to shorten development cycle, improve product quality, reduce cost, become the target that the enterprise seeks, traditional design cannot satisfy these requirements with production means. In view of the advantage that fictitious prototype emulates, use design motor synchronizing with CAD/CAE technology linear vibrating separator, can raise design level, avoid needless mistake and error, the production that reduces vibrating separator is periodic, promote the development of industry of our country mineral separation, there are huge economy and real sense in the project. Article origin: Http://