Full automatic the 10 big advanced essential factor of block aircraft equipment

  • Full automatic the 10 big advanced essential factor of block aircraft equipment:

    (Amplitude modulation of frequency modulation of machine of 1) block brick: The need when the product of different figure and norms shapes to it appropriate Zhen Pin and amplitude, frequency modulation needs to consider adjusting range, and cent of amplitude modulation criterion moves two kinds automatically with the hand, advanced type can come true in blame stay machine case full automatic amplitude modulation of successive frequency modulation, this kind of means is more extensive to the adaptability of material and goods.

    (The oscillatory means of machine of 2) block brick: Cent model brace up, resonance of model of Tai Zhenhe stage 3 kinds. Model brace up or stage model resonance more agree with hollow product is like block to wait, and stage brace up more agree with sincere product is like floor tile to wait, shape without what phasic poor pure perpendicular vibration is helpful for all sorts of products.

    ((of machine of 3) block brick shape speed: Speed is produced more quickly can bigger, to forming machine and relevant equipment the function of each component asks to jump over tall.

    (4) is electro-hydraulic proportioning valve technology: Digitlization hydraulic pressure controls a technology, make equipment movement smoother, service life is longer, rise somewhat when corresponding equipment price.

    (5) changes fixed position of modular speed bolt to change a pattern about 1.5 hours with height commonly, different height changes a pattern about 3 hours fixed position of type of pincers of; hydraulic pressure is full automatic change a pattern, make an appointment with 2 minutes with height, different height makes an appointment with fixed position of type of pincers of hydraulic pressure of 10 minutes of; to change a pattern quickly, make an appointment with 15 minutes with height, different height makes an appointment with 30 minutes.

    (The cloth pattern of machine of 6) block brick: Move back and forth makes type cloth glassware smooth with a rake, agree with general product and common aggregate, cloth rate is slower; rotates compulsively cloth glassware, agree with goods of material of fly ash, small part and average volume makings, cloth speed fast;

    (Dimension of 7) effective splint: Beard of splint dimension design and the end product photograph that draft are appropriate, will reduce equipment to manufacture efficiency greatly otherwise.

    (The conserve means of machine of 8) block brick: Cent belt is worn conserve and do not have a conserve two kinds. Give priority to what is appropriate to the occasion to use belt wearing conserve with the hollow product such as block, do not have a conserve with when the sincere product such as floor tile is given priority to, be being used more.

    (9) piles up a battlements means: Cent " snatch type perch piles up a battlements " and " take board form low a code battlements " two kinds, low a code battlements is nonexistent snatch scatters problem, but comfortable at all sorts of appearance and norms product full automatic code battlements.

    (10) breaks off crack machine: Diversity product fixed position must be deployed break off crack machine, break off crack machine but online installation also can be installed from the line, each have gasbag of actor bad; to support suspension platform to break off crack machine n tall, can break off crack small ornament to stick a face.

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