The development of crusher of large mining industry mixes SBM mine machine application

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    The development of crusher of SBM mine machine and application are said to everybody below.
    Mining industry crusher basically is used in mining craft of large ore broken, working procedure is clastic rock or broken stone, point to the former ore after hill blows up commonly, treatment becomes the finished product size of contented demand. As the development of mining industry crusher, certain level the integral technology that improved mining industry, crusher labels core facility in treatment of large mining industry. Clastic rock according to ore mix into makings dimension a makings granuality size, crusher is used at ore thick broken, medium break and finely domain. The development of crusher is to be on the foundation that crusher application promotes ceaselessly, product function also is being improved ceaselessly, requirement is satisfied on older rate.
    In 20 centuries 80 time, crusher uses two jaw board the extruding to stock and curve action, undertake to the stock of all sorts of hardness thick broken or medium broken treatment; If jaw is moved to make simple circular arc swing only when the job, say to place crusher of the type that move jaw simply inside course of study; If be made when the job,fluctuation still is made move while circular arc swings, say complex swing gnathic type crusher. Crusher of type of another name for Hubei province gets applied extensively, numerous branch waits in mine, smelt, building materials, highway, railroad, irrigation works and chemical industry, broken compressive strength does not exceed gnathic type crusher all sorts of stock of 320 million handkerchief. Because ask to develop, decide caustic part to because change,avoid and affect production, also can use hydraulic pressure device to implementation is sure and be adjusted. Some gnathic type crusher still use fluid drive to come directly drive moves jaw board, in order to complete the broken action of stock. These two kinds use the gnathic type crusher of fluid drive device, constant a general designation is crusher of hydraulic pressure gnathic type.
    To 70 time initial stage, cycle type crusher, use hammer to move in the cycle in antrum of housing inner cone, to stock generation squashs, break off crack and curve action, thick broken the ore of all sorts of hardness or petrosal are large and broken mechanical. Of the main shaft of broken awl on upright bearing is inside the lining with mid beam, its lower end criterion the prejudicial Kong Zhong of park axle sleeve. When axle sleeve is rotational, broken awl circles machine center line to make prejudicial cycle move its broken action has continuously, reason crusher of gnathic type of work efficiency prep above.
    What the discharges makings granuality uniformity of medium, finely exercise compares thick broken exercise to ask commonly is tall, accordingly, the bottom in broken antrum must set a paragraph of parallel area, in the meantime, still need the cycle rate that accelerates broken awl, so that stock is inside parallel area,get the extruding of above. The platoon of conic crusher expects the mouth is lesser, interfuse gives the blame in makings broken thing cause an accident more easily, and because medium, finely exercise is right requirement of platoon makings granuality is strict, must adjust platoon makings mouth in time after scaleboard wears away, consequently the insurance of conic crusher is mixed adjusting gear than thick broken exercise more necessary. Conic type crusher and cycle crusher are identical, but the crusher of broken or finely exercise in be being applied to only fetterses. Conic crusher develops ceaselessly, have spring crusher of conic crusher, awl of Simon Si Yuan and one-cylinder hydraulic pressure are conic crusher and much crock hydraulic pressure are conic the crusher equipment such as crusher.
    In the meantime, hammer type crusher and strike back type crusher develops ceaselessly, strike back especially type crusher is broken than bigger, use the high speed blow energy of whole rotor adequately. But wear away extremely easily as a result of bar, it also is restricted on the application with hard broken stock, use normally thick broken, medium broken or finely limestone, coal, calcium carbide, quartz, dolomite, pyritic stone, gesso and industrial chemicals in hard the following brittleness stock.
    Crusher is applied extensively wait for numerous branch at mine, smelt, building materials, highway, railroad, irrigation works and chemical industry. At present commonly used and broken machine has E Shi crusher, strike back crusher of crusher of type of crusher of type of crusher of type of disintegrator of type of type crusher, selection by winnowing or wind, hammer, concussion, roller, complex formula use at building materials, tile, coal, metallurgy, mine, electric power, light industrial wait for industry, use at smashing makings of what of element of coal, shaly, cindery, charcoal, lime, cement, Peng Runtu and in hard with brittleness stock thick broken, medium break and finely.

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