Jiangxi quality of rotary kiln of 9 rivers zinc oxide how, crop of rotary kiln of Fujian zinc oxide

  • Article origin: Henan SBMhnhjlx issue date: 2017.2.6

    One, the zinc oxide rotary kiln that SBM is the daily output that place of 9 rivers client makes Jiangxi is 1500 tons is in nervous stage of production
    Equipment of rotary kiln of zinc oxide of choose and buy, whether does the quality that should know this machine amount to mark, whether does productivity satisfy the manufacturing requirement of oneself, understand the manufacturing actual strength of manufacturer home and after service even at the same time. Close the daily output that for Jiangxi place of 9 rivers client makes is paragraph of time SBM 1500 tonsZinc oxide rotary kiln is in nervous stage of production, we will be finishing inside expectant time, arrange deliver goods, arrangement technology personnel undertakes coaching installing to the spot. Craft of zinc oxide rotary kiln basically is zinc charging and cooking coal smash become be less than 40 eye grain to expect, press zincic charging and cooking coal 0.3 ~ of 1 ∶ the scale of 0.35 undertakes divide evenly receives compound mixture mixing, make compound effective diameter be compound of 8-15 millimeter grain next, smelt undertakes in throwing grain compound rotary kiln finally, when for 15% ~ in the quantity that contain zinc the zinc oxide ore of 25% or broken bits of the industry that contain zinc undertake smelt produces zinc oxide, but substantially managing anxious carbon or coal fired, through the zinc oxide productivity that smelt obtains tumour of good, knot measures quality of tall, product small. The following SBM introduces rotary kiln to handle medium performance dominant position in dangerous litter for you.

    2, rotary kiln handles medium performance dominant position in dangerous litter
    As industrial development, the dangerous litter that in producing a course, discharges increasingly grow in quantity. According to estimation, the dangerous litter yield with annual whole world is 330 million tons. The serious pollution that brings as a result of its and potential severe double image are noisy, in danger of industrial developed country trash already called " of " politics trash, the public is very sensitive to dangerous trash problem, the area that objects living in oneself establishs dangerous litter to deal with, add deal with cost is high, a few companies try to the utmost to industry underdeveloped country and area change dangerous waste material. Face such situation, we must intensify abandoning the pace that content handles to danger, at present rotary kiln handles medium advantage to get in dangerous litter great attention.
    Heat treatment means
    Rotary kiln basically is to use the means of heat treatment to undertake handling to dangerous litter. Be destroyed through high temperature and change solid trash composition and structure, achieve at the same time decrease look, harmless the end that change or uses integratedly. Its method includes cremate, heat solution, wet oxidation and roast, agglomeration. The trash with taller or bigger noxiousness uses calorific value burn processing technology undertakes harmless change processing, reclaim burn more than heat is used at be being used integratedly to change processing with content, reduce the waste that handles cost and the sources of energy. This equipment has the following advantages when processing danger abandons content.

    Burn temperature is high
    When rotary kiln is being produced normally, ordinary control is in combustion temperature 1300 degrees - 1500 degrees between, some can be achieved taller. High temperature can satisfy to calcine danger completely to abandon the demand of content, and condition is stabilized, make litter combustion more complete. Avoid to appear 2 times the problem of to calcine, waste time already, raise processing cost again.
    Harmful material absorbency is strong
    Rotary kiln is in negative pressure condition when movement, spill over in what harmful gas avoided when handling dangerous litter, and good because of the airtight of equipment, won't cause dust pollution, benefit at environmental protection. The chemical composition such as the chloric, sulfur that contains in dangerous litter, fluorine is in high temperature processing be absorbed completely, change into avirulent chloridize calcium, calcium sulfate, fluorine to change calcium to wait, the processing to poisonous and harmful material can reach formulary level, the harm also won't be caused in emiting into air.

    To to calcine quality won't cause an effect
    When danger of to calcine of use rotary kiln abandons content, although be being used at stock of to calcine other, after poisonous and harmful material is handled through high temperature, can mix directly in clinker, via test and verify, won't cause undesirable effect to clinker quality commonly. And litter produces certain quantity of heat when combustion managing coal fired raw material, saved manufacturing cost. Will integratedly look, rotary kiln has in the advantage that handles dangerous litter: The economic benefits with still have environmental protection, energy-saving, safe, regular.

    3, the partial case that rotary kiln of Henan SBM zinc oxide is used by the success
    (1) the client of Guangxi guest signed Henan SBM at 2015.10.25 days a norms is Φ the zinc oxide rotary kiln of 4.5 × 66m.
    (2) the norms that Henan SBM professional technology makes is Φ the zinc oxide rotary kiln of 5 × 74m sells past Guizhou to protect hill at 2014.6.14 days.
    (3) the client of bottom of Hunan a surname bought Henan SBM at 2014.6.13 days a daily output is 8000 tons zinc oxide rotary kiln.

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