GP100MF conic crusher develops the application that selects a plant in peach

  • Yu Fengmei, , engineer, 241233 the Anhui province are numerous prosperous county.

    Company of strong mining industry of peach of steel of 1 introductive horse is one of base of raw material of equestrian steel iron ore, productivity of the design that select a plant is year of processing raw ore broken flow uses 500 thousand T flow of 3 paragraphs of 2 closed circuit. Immediate goal grinds the class of granule of double deck screening after breaking in ore classics, piece preelection of pulley of mine classics magnetism gives a share enter after qualification piece concentrate finely. Since free factory put into production, finely equipment uses operation of closed circuit of two PYD1200 conic crusher all the time. Efficiency of this machine broken mine low, specific power consumption granuality of big, product is thick. Pass analysis and argumentation, use Nuo of a beautiful eminent conic crusher of De Baige GP100MF replaced conic crusher of two PYD1200 short head dummy, sift finely closed circuit undertook transforming to finely equipment by SZi500x3000mm of SZ00mmxi800mm expand into.

    Main part has conic crusher of GP100MF of characteristic of structure of 2GP00MF conic crusher the assembly of main shaft, mantle, assembly that decide awl, prejudicial set, axis of bevel gear of ball bearing of top bearing, bearing, piston, size, level, lead plane is worn etc. Overall the structure is simple, compact.

    Its structure sees GP100MF conic crusher and groovy and homebred conic crusher are compared, have the following characteristic: ① broken antrum reasonable, can come true swarm mine and layer crush to break, productivity is tall, product bead even; ② drive bevel gear uses round bevel gear of inclined straight tine, transmission capacity rises greatly; The foundation that ③ lead plane wears is decreased through balata brace up mat put go up in cement foundation, the foundation of the foundation of crusher and electromotor constructs for whole, reduced equipment to run medium vibration greatly; The adjustment of mouth of ④ platoon mine is to pass hydraulic pressure piston to rise fall main shaft will come true, the bearing that piston lumen bottom regards main shaft as ball bearing, at the same time piston lumen wall is prejudicial covered centre of turning circle. This kind of configuration is OK more ground reduces frame lower length, reduce the installation height of lead plane, reduce installation cost thereby; Among ball bearing of bottom of ⑤ bearing main shaft board go up exterior figure is one with advocate awl core body; 7 on stop push gear of bearing 8- auger to combine; 9 prejudicial set; 10 pistons; 11- level axis; 12 bearing ball bearing; 13 among board; Analysis of 3 application effect transforms the frame below 14- around, undertake to finely product sampling and granuality are analysed respectively, the analysis sees a table as a result characteristic curve sees the 1 product size that makes two kinds of crusher as a result by granuality analysis the product granuality of broken ore compares broken machine traditional PYD1200 conic crusher is reduced substantially, at the same time the granule form content of the 0~6mm in the product rises greatly. This shows the condition that changing broken technology falls, applied GP100MF conic crusher comes true effectively " much brokener grind less " , increase the treating capacity of the manufacturing efficiency of ball mill and ore dressing plant substantially thereby, reduce those who select a plant is integrated moving cost.

    Express 1 before transforming. Individual accumulative total is individual after before finely product granuality analyses contrast to transform after, be being transformed actual measurement of accumulative total classics, capability of the processing when crusher stage rises to by the 26t before transforming 601 finely ton of mine specific power consumption by 3 IWh the finely granuality specific power consumption below granuality of different and finely product concerns from can see, in product granuality same situation falls, GPMF! Of awl crusher broken specific power consumption reduces ton of ore deposit apparently, and in broken specific power consumption same condition falls, the product granuality with finely GROOMF is coniccer than the tradition broken product size is small much.

    4 epilogue pass structure of conic to GPOOMF crusher and applied data analysis, discover this crusher has equipment weight not only light, run smooth, productivity big, broken specific power consumption low, operation adjustment is simple wait for a characteristic, and can reduce product size substantially, add content of form of the granule in the product. Reducing ball mill to give stuff is the oldest granuality while, changed ball mill to give the composition of makings granuality greatly, rose to grind mine efficiency, it is implementation of metallic ore dressing plant " much brokener grind less " ideal equipment, the equipment type selecting that selects a plant to building and the equipment that often select a plant are transformed upgrade have coach very well and draw lessons from a meaning.

    Merchandise on hand of iron ore of information platform international drops likely Spring 2008 the WSD of business of service of steely trade news with famous whole world expressed a few days ago, because world various places carries,the iron ore that goes to China is in slow down, at the same time the iron ore crop of Chinese home is jumping, be in " Chinese demand "

    Below abate action, predict spot price of international iron ore may drop Spring 2008.

    PeteFMaim of analyst of WS standing partner, negotiable securities is attended in Shanghai " global iron and steel takes a fancy to a country " the reporter tells when the speech is met, suffer the effect of iron ore spurt in prices, chinese home invests to be attracted to develop mine in great quantities, exploited a mine 2007 amount achieves 40 billion yuan. Although Chinese iron ore is lean ore more, but contain iron only 3 into even 2 become ore, after smelt becomes iron essence pink, its accrual still far outclass cost or from resell of abroad entrance ore.

    The iron essence pink that WS thinks China is homebred 2008 will go up to 4.1 billion, t unless price of international iron ore drops, bring about iron ore of Chinese high cost by expulsive market, otherwise iron ore supply demand relations reemerges very hard nervous. Here the situation falls, entrance of abroad iron ore is in through 2007 a year fatigued and weak period hind begin to drop now, spot price of international iron ore may drop Spring 2008, and price of contract of 1a period international soared 2008 after 65%~71% , the likelihood dropped 2009, WSD forecasts this to drop be as high as possibly even in addition, macu still states WSD person has become 5 countries that do not suit to build steel mill on the world and one of areas for China, japan and European Union area also are inside its. Macu expresses, person of Chinese steel ironwork's relatively inferior in the past salary standard, had risen at present (with annual the speed of 10%~15% ) the fall that forms labor dominant position thereby; In the meantime, chinese control economy grows by slant fast in the process that turns to overheat, the growth rate that fixed assets invests is in drop, and the foundation that this is growth of steely demand of the China inside past 10a. In addition, water natural resources of freight of price of in short supply, natural gas, coal price, home rise, all be Chinese unwell Yu Jiangang the reason of the factory. And meanwhile, the other and rising market such as India, Brazil, Russia begins to become the area that suits to build steel mill quite, WS is forecasted in 10 noises, indian iron and steel will become Chinese iron and steel to compete in the world medium the biggest menace, the cost because of India situation of lower, exit is more advantageous also.