Siderite limonite gangue is grading mineral separation technology obtains significant breakthrough

  • Mineral separation technology is passed check and accept fill home blank

    The development that mineral separation technology is in our country is increasingly advanced with maturity, but overall for, very much the mineral separation technology of more deeper administrative levels and craft were not mastered completely, mineral separation has the complexity that differs with other sphere, above all the ode with natural ore puts condition to be chosen namely other a difficult problem. Of nature magical with complexity early the condition of all kinds of strange things of ore, want the metallic part that needs choicely from which, control other composition to do not have interference and pollution even, this is the mineral separation facility that needs advanced technology and maturity really prop up.

    Say according to the closest message, by China academy of smelt metal of mine of 5 mine Changsha assumes " engineering technology of mineral separation of roast of magnetization of rotary kiln of water chestnut limonite and its industry device " the project is passed satisfactorily recently check and accept, each index all is in international banner level. The success of this technology is carried out be developed for our country and use deficient miscellaneous the science and technology with chose iron ore resource hard to offer vital is propped up.

    Current, the gives priority to with iron of bare, brown and siderite gangue that the whole nation shares billions of tons to did not reclaim piles up in library of old old gangue, created the great waste of resource.

    Be aimed at this one circumstance, academies of 5 smelt metal of mine Changsha mine begin to begin from 2004 the mineral separation engineering technology of limonite of water chestnut of own research and development. Pass old research to tackle key problem, this technology obtained success application in Xinjiang a few days ago, the mark is worn water chestnut limonite choose hard " slow-witted mine " mineral separation technology obtained historic breakthrough, already produced considerable economy and social beneficial result.

    Reserve of limonite of our country water chestnut is substantial, be in already in the reserves of resource of 62.4 billion tons of iron ore of ascertain, nearly one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight tons are natural resources of ferric oxide ore (give priority to with hematite, siderite, limonite) .

    But, the more mineral than magnetizing the physical function such as coefficient and main gangue quartz as a result of water chestnut limonite is very adjacent, exterior mud is changed serious, hydrophoby is poor, complex, ode puts ore cause of formation condition is diversiform, cause grading and special difficulty.

    Of gangue use start in our country later, go up with international the technical difference of research organization of large ore dressing plant, mineral separation is very far more. This is main the reason as a result of many sided, take seriously what use to gangue for instance not quite, to the serious oversight of environmental protection, consciousness is backward, what the technology studies and produce orgnaization equipment namely moreover is backward, inadequacy of ability of research and development. At present a few enterprises have home gangue reclaims the equipment such as machine is in come out in succession, but reclaim or compare of specific aim finite. Accordingly, if strengthen,mix to the management of gangue use, will still be the task that SBM group research organization develops mainly in the future.

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