The use skill of crusher

  • Much practice, want to start work, be good at starting work. To maintenance technician, want bold but cautious, want to dare to start work. But want ripe circumstance to start work again, not blind, can enlarge breakdown otherwise, cause an accident, consequence is unimaginable. At the same time we are good at starting work even, should go up above all machine is familiar the content of the operation face plate of the machine tool and each menu, do good operation freely, because all sorts of model and systematic operation are same. Diagnose a technology what numerical control machine tool also should make full use of in the meantime to be located in manage quickly to resolve trouble oneself. Numerical control technology develops more now, criterion from examine ability stronger and stronger. For instance crusherAOneB10System, have special diagnostic software, can diagnose even the net etc.

    Much practice, foster oneself start work ability and master experimental skill. Sometimes some of breakdown looks very ambiguous, cent is not clear it is electric breakdown or mechanical failure, make arenaceous machine had produced such breakdown for instance, leave namelyZNo matter the axis is to rise up, still fall downward, ZAxial ram always moves downward and call the police. We were usedWe were usedSeparate lawSeparate law, the control electric part and former circuit are completely apart, ZThe line on the wiring terminal of axial dc electric machinery is torn open below, connect dc additionallyConnect dc additionallyBut by communication220VPower source passes voltage regulator course4Diode commutate gives outDiode commutate gives outReceive electric machinery two-terminal, discover electric function can be changed according to the commutation of the polarity of dc rotate whereaboutldirection, removed electric trouble, because machinery grinds,reexamination discovery is piece skid ram prolapse be caused by. Other still has a lot of methods, for instanceFor instanceKeep apart a lawKeep apart a law, ,, Substitution methodSubstitution method, ,, AntithesesAntitheses, ,, Knock lawKnock lawWait for a method to be able to serve as a kind of significant step to help us search, remove trouble.

    Much practice, the society uses concerned instrument. For instance detector of oscillograph, avometer, online circuit, short circuit checks appearance, computer, process designing implement etc can help us the judgement of specific circuit, examination, especiallyPLCProcess designing implement, computer, should use adroitly, but parameter of machine tool of free input, output, online test concerns condition, systematic initialization. This pair analyses breakdown, especially complex breakdown, solve a problem to have very great help.

    Much practice, undertakeUndertakeChange of small make down often occurs some component damage in regular jobChange of small make down often occurs some component damage in regular jobWait like select switch, pushbutton, relayWait like select switch, pushbutton, relayAnd when of short duration does not have spare parts, oneself start work wait for method rehabilitate with agglutinate law as far as possible or use temporary special method, make the machine tool can work normally go down, when after spare parts comes, restore again. For instance GermanyVDFof numerical control cart2Have in the back of a knife blade5The miniature pressure switch that clamp uses, among them2Miniature switch damages carelessly, and without spare parts, we were usedWe were usedShort receive a standardShort receive a standard, make the contact of pressure switch is accorded withPLCinput condition, make the machine tool does not call the police to be able to work normally again went down. After opportunity instrument uses time to grow, fixed position precision was differred, produced fixed position to call the police, in cannot machine tool parameter can be amended temporarily below the circumstance of readjust machine tool, increaseIncreaseTolerancepublic errandTolerancepublic errandBelt, made can regular job, anyhow, such method is very much still.

    Much practice, want oneself to start work long bat. The circuit that says numerical control machine tool commonly board dependability is good, fault rate is extremely low, when check numerical control machine tool commonly, do not suspect the problem of bat first. For instance Xi Menzi850System, can appear sometimes41NC-CPUCall the police or43PLC-CPUCall the police, not be bat has trouble actually, can unplug through tearing open law, NCInitialization, cold heat is startedPLCWait for a method to experiment to be able to eliminate commonly repeatedly. If prove really,be circuit board problem when, want to have repair. These boardThese boardDo not have blueprint commonlyDo not have blueprint commonlyThe price is high, want thousands of yuan commonlyTens of thousands of yuan, to every enterpriseTo every enterpriseSpare parts is difficultSpare parts is difficult, the price is too expensive, do not rise fully, because of machine tool of this numerical control the stand or fall of circuit board is very important, once circuit board damages and without spare parts, repair again temporarily bad, will naturally stop machine, affect production badly. Sometimes often the breakdown that circuit board is a minimum only, want serious examination only, discover a problem not hard, we already discovered the solder of empty of individual capacitance leakage of electricity, bat, fault such as short circuit for many times, a little circuit board breakdown is more complex, but should spend time only, through using instrument examination, still can foster cordial relations between states; But still have a share circuit board case is severe, especially circuit of large scale integration, maintenance is difficult, add former parts of an apparatus not to have spare parts, in advance buys equipment board or can send out only long. Oneself start work long bat, have very auspicious place, can think the enterprise is managing on one hand cost, settle a pressing need, on the other hand canOn the other hand canAnatomize spadgerAnatomize spadgerBe familiar with electronic circuit, the analysis that fosters oneself is judged and start work ability is very beneficial.