SBM is mechanical the method of two kinds of calculation that makes to ball mill productivity

  • My company is grinding mine, anthology fasten equipment respect, will caught henceforth energy-saving model those who exceed finely equipment introduce reach joint development, should increase introduce and digest job of equipment of foreign advanced technique, promote technology of whole of our country iron ore equipment standard as soon as possible. The development that at the same time form a complete set considers thick bead to cast end craft and relevant installation considers to work. Should strengthen further can reclaim effectively of content of imperceptible bead iron ore energy-saving model the development of mineral separation equipment, the design of the ball mill that applying generally to mine, transform reach producer range, accumulated rich experience, and the productivity of computational ball mill made to how the following two kinds:

    Grind machine productivity to have two kinds commonly usedly: The treating capacity when the stage, utilization factor (or than productivity) .

    Notation of the treating capacity when the stage is handy, but do not have a consideration to giving mine granuality, product granuality and the effect that grind machine cubage, be in only same in growing, norms of the machine that grind mine is identical reach the situation with the same size that discharge mine to fall, report of ground of can simple palpability grinds mechanic to make a case, the evaluation is every grind the working success of machine. The treating capacity when the stage is to state every are ground machine is horary the amount that handles raw ore.

    Utilization factor is to point to unit time, the new student that the unit grinds machine cubage place to obtain - amount of 200 order level is denotive productivity, unit: Ton / rice 3• hour. By - 200 eye plan removed granuality of mine giving a platoon and volume ingredient effect than productivity, can relatively bona fide report grinds mechanic to make a case, can compare what different specifications, distinct size giving mine falls to grind mechanic to make a case. (this law applies in the design)

    Q-200 eye =Q former (β product - β gives mine) / Ⅴ T (ton / rice when 3• )

    The Q-200 in type looks, become by the new student - productivity of volume of unit of calculative of class of 200 eye bead;

    β product, in the product that grind mine (grader overflow is when closed circuit grinds mine, mine is discharged to grind mine machine when open circuit grinds mine) -

    200 eyeThe content of bead class, % ;

    β gives mine, in raw ore of the machine that grind mine - the content of class of 200 eye bead, % ;

    Q former, grind the primary capacity giving mine of machine, ton / when;

    Ⅴ , the effective cubage of the machine that grind mine, rice 3;

    T, the work station duration of the machine that grind mine, hour.