The basic construction of broken process and crusher

  • The basic construction of broken process and crusher

    Broken process is particularly complex, because it and very much element are concerned, often inestimable. Basically be hardness among them, character of motion of visible still form, dimension, viscosity, humidity, density, homogeneity, ore. So, very difficult composition is simple and be over the broken theory that replace.
    Well-known, broken it is ore is destroyed below the action of outside force, in order to obtain a course that needs young granuality. And won't automatic happening and broken process cannot be gone against, must do work to ore by outside force, the cohesive force ability between the in-house particle that overcomes it happens broken. Understand the broken process of ore for development, evaluate the efficiency of broken machine, search more effective broken method, will more than 100 years appear a lot of theory that concern result of broken bad news. Have 3 among them the mainest, for place of all over the world accepted.
    But. 3 afore-mentioned doctrine see a level of broken process only severally. What the first doctrine sees is broken young man becomes new face, what the 2nd doctrine notices is phase of metabolic of outside force happening. Overweight of side of the 3rd doctrine is formed interstitially and develop. Accordingly, they have one-sided , but each other is not contradictory, complement each other however. Although these doctrine have,one-sided is mixed approximate, dong after all ore property, give mine size, it is important that product granuality mixes 4 of power comsumption the relation of a day decides hill to come, the essence of broken process was reflected on certain level.

    When using all sorts of power comsumption theory, want to notice the suitable scope of equipment doctrine, try correctly to choose. When broken mine broken than not quite, new student area is not much, deformation can seize a body, dumpling of error of the 2nd doctrine is small. Machine of broken arsenic of the crusher that receive form, tired awl and the motive force that cut chant engine to roller use up formula, press namely the 2nd learn besides the city is like law namely derivation of Hu Keding law comes out. When grinding mine broken than big, new student area is much, the surface can seize a body, the first doctrine is relatively appropriate. The 3rd doctrine is to use general and broken reach the equipment that grind mine to make an experiment decide, be in medium and broken below compared situation, accord with with it roughly.
    The production that grind mine is too crude. By solution leaves not quite sufficient still, the concentrate grade that single out and reclaim rate is very low. But the granuality that grind mine is meticulous, can make equipment processing capability is reduced, motivation consumes grow in quantity, guide lift to what produce cost, cause bigger mud to turn a loss even, especially inscription ore is fragile, must take this problem seriously more. Generally speaking, smash too the phenomenon already appeared from broken mine, but the rag that the process that grind mine compares is more serious.

    2. Drive disk assembly
    (1) eccentric shafe weighs main shaft again; It is the most important part of broken mine machine. Brief uranium calls the suspension moving another name for Hubei province that places engine of type broken mine arbor again. Prejudicial fine two end are raised by in bearing, by leather belt annulus drive rotate, deliver kinetic energy connecting rod, glue connecting rod makes fluctuation move, tremendous wallop bears when working as a result of eccentric shafe, machine of broken mine of type of large another name for Hubei province needs reason to be made with high grade alloy steel; Crusher of type of small-sized another name for Hubei province uses 45 steeliness to become. Eccentric shafe should undertake moving pledging or normalizing heat treatment, in order to improve intensity and wear-resisting performance. Pensile axis or arbor use 45 steeliness to become commonly.

    (2) axis multiplies: Generally speaking machine of E Shisui mine is to use slip axis to multiply. Prejudicial bearing is used cling to the family name closes beyond make bushing, hanger bearing make uranous line with phosphorous bronze. Axis and bearing contact a part, the group is have the pressure with powerful He and ceaseless friction, give out heat the most easily consequently, should notice to be cheered in time in locomotive process. Medium or small machine of E Shisui mine is multi-purpose fat is like knot oil or be like 50 one 40 engine oil with rare oil, pass because of temperature in case tall and burn down bearing, large match a cooling device and lubricant outfit amount technically.

    (3) connecting rod: It is by gonnecting rod body and connecting rod the head is comprised. Because pulling force bears when the job, reason is multi-purpose cast steel is made. Gonnecting rod body has two kinds of whole and combination, former and multi-purpose plant at type of medium, small V-neck mine machine, latter and multi-purpose at machine of broken mine of type of large another name for Hubei province. To reduce the inertial effect of connecting rod. Should the weight that do one's best reduces gonnecting rod body, so. Machine of broken mine of type of medium, small-sized another name for Hubei province uses structure of “I” word or “+” glyph section commonly, and machine of mine of card of type of large specified number uses form of box form section. Combine connecting rod by on, next connecting rod heads and lever body composition, mobile ground covers connecting rod head to go up in eccentric shafe on, below lever head has have bracket look, the action of connecting rod drives bracket to move namely.