The broken ability with top-ranking crusher of SBM movable type

  • The broken ability with top-ranking crusher of SBM movable type

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    The main facility that builds rubbish processing is movable type crusher, productivity of crusher of SBM machine movable type is strong, having the outstanding advantage that equipment of crusher of other movable type does not have, improve crop and manufacturing efficiency effectively.

    , the ability of movable type crusher

    (1) grow to the biggest edge of makings: 700 millimeter;

    (2) movable type is broken unit: Strike back type crusher (2 or 4 breaker) ;

    (3) electric power: Daoyici diesel engine;

    (4) management means: The control equipment on the boat, wireless remote controller, random of wired remote control chooses;

    (5) muti_function: Thick broken the amerce with broken pink broken function;

    (6) vibration gives makings system automatically;

    (7) principle of breakdown of long-range control hydraulic pressure;

    (8) pilot is automatic the bear of gear-box;

    (9) can use at concrete of broken useless old bitumen and building waste material not only, and the ore rock compressive strength of OK and broken 300MPa, applied range is wide;

    (10) handle ability: 100 tons / hour.

    2, of movable type crusher stress a dominant position

    (1) mobile is good. Can work deep directly field, suit common highway travel already, also facilitate rugged moves in harsh road environment.

    (2) the structure is compact, use convenient. The car of unifinication carries whole set of equipment, big political integrity covers an area of a space about. Take a car to carry type oneself generation set, electromotor and control box, convenient fieldwork; Car of form a complete set carries installation to prop up equipment, the spot is convenient and quick.

    (3) managing cost, reduce cost. Movable type crusher can have the spot to stock broken, avoided the link of have enough to meet need of stock, reduced the carriage cost of stock greatly.

    (4) taller adaptability. Movable type crusher not only can the 3rd season undertakes independently, also can combine for thick broken, finely system of two paragraphs of broken screening, thick broken, medium broken, finely system of 3 paragraphs of broken screening; After perhaps needing group of synthesis to break first according to the spot, be sifted or break after the sieve first system.

    (5) performance is steady, maintenance is convenient. Movable type crusher deployed the crusher of SBM outstanding performance, feeder and vibrating separator, performance is steady, maintenance is convenient; Stock is carried provide transport of groovy leather belt, the operation is simple, the technology is mature, investment is little, income is high.

    (6) configuration is agile. Can the exercise spot according to the client, stock, bead requirement that waits for a respect, undertake to movable type crusher particularly custom-built, supply the equipment that suits to produce need more for the client, for example: ? Does セ  be good at ⒍ whiz  of  of ご of ⑵ of Xian Jian of  confused principle columns of a hall grows faint to fall take?