The analysis that broken and optimal type selects cobble

  • The analysis that broken and optimal type selects cobble

    The analysis that broken and optimal type selects cobble

    This also is the principle of crusher,

    Search only appropriate! The main effect of powder mortar is to be used in build a road to reach decorate on indispensable raw material. Its are to point to the aggregate that handles via dry screening (if quartz is arenaceous) , inorganic gel material (be like cement) with additive (like polymer) the shape of a kind of grain that waits to undertake physics mix and be become by certain proportion or farinaceous, with the form of in bags or bulk carry comes building site, add the stock that after water is blended, can use directly. Powder mortar produces felt, pad with layer in bldg. , defend and decorate action, build and decorate project application very extensive.

    So because why must come is because why must come,the data with use so extensive application? Have production with what machinery.

    Indispensable in process of powder mortar production is sand. Cobble uses cobble after breaking equipment is broken, repass makes arenaceous mechanism arenaceous the cobble that come out is arenaceous the collect makings that can regard powder as mortar. Among them cobble crusher uses conic crusher, conic crusher not only can improve productivity and broken efficiency, still expanded to use range, arrive from limestone horniness basalt, from stone production arrives all sorts of ore are broken, efficient finish all sorts of in broken, finely, exceed finely exercise, and be safeguarded easily can ensure again tall stability operation, for the choice of the optimal type with large stone factory and broken mining industry.

    Transform as a result of what conic crusher technology innovates, of domestic and international advanced technique blend in make its performance steady and quality has assure, at present by broad a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale door in applying at developing granite, basalt, cobble to wait go among finely exercise.

    Gnathic type crusher