The advantage of gnathic type crusher and characteristic

  • The characteristic with particular crusher of SBM gnathic type
    (1) was used without attrition broken mechanism, stock is in broken process, board of another name for Hubei province is not had for pure extruding force to the action of stock relatively slip. Accordingly, board of another name for Hubei province service life relatively crusher of type of another name for Hubei province of compound pendulum type raises 5-10 times.   
    (2) broken antrum was used change form of tine horn curve antrum, adopt reasonable design antrum form of departmental cent hold horn and length to realize have one's bosom filled with broken, increased the carrying capacity of crusher, the particle size after cracking that assured crusher is even.   
    (3) was used simple and practical muti_function protection system of mechanical, hydraulic pressure, electric equipment. When crusher overload, clutch of mechanical protection safety makes the main shaft of crusher is mixed quickly belt annulus come away, make crusher idling, coinstantaneous call the police. Once overload removes, can rapid restoration, change without need any spare partses. In addition, appear when crusher when abnormal condition (be out of order like lubricant system, the) such as main component attaint, muti_function protection system quickly dump, make crusher stops turn, give out at the same time call the police. This makes the of on the safe side of crusher rises greatly
    (4) platoon expects the mouth adjusts the around seat that needs to adjust fixed another name for Hubei province only, and the position that need not change fluctuant another name for Hubei province. When adjusting very convenient province so, make the geometrical appearance of thrust orgnaization, dimension always maintains groove.   
    (The main movement of 5) this crusher, if around pushs eccentric shafe of arbor of force board, thrust board, connecting rod, bearing and arbor,all use whole sealing rare oil-lubricated, sealed effect is good, strength is good, make and safeguard very convenient.
    The gnathic type crusher that limited company of machinery of Henan SBM mine produces is broken antrum deep and without dead band, rose to enter makings ability and crop; its are broken than big, type of even; spacer discharges product granuality makings mouth adjusting gear, go to the lavatory reliably, adjusting range is big, the flexibility; texture that added equipment is simple, the job is reliable, operation fare is low. Equipment is energy-saving: Stand-alone is energy-saving 15% , 30% , the system is one times more energy-saving mouth of makings of above; platoon adjusts range big, the requirement; noise that can satisfy different user is low, dust is little.