SBM machinery ages broken function experiences roller type crusher

  • Crusher of a series of tine roller type of research and development of Henan SBM mechanical limited company and crocus function machine clay quite adequately, greenstone, fly ash, blast furnace broken bits, the stock such as water broken bits, achieve produce the burden requirement of glazed pottery, reduced capital thereby, product exterior quality and physical index achieve national measure, product quality is good, can progress produce the economic benefits of the enterprise and market competition ability, use broken bits of fly ash broken bits, blast furnace water to produce glazed pottery is management 3 useless initiated a new approach. By relapses for years after research and practice, following one by one overcame inadequacy of pressure of old series bedspring, spare parts intensity is low and on the structure certain defect, now already the spring that batch produces is conic crusher has 600, 900, 1200, 1750, 5 2200 norms 14 kinds of antrum. Practice confirms, CS series is efficient bedspring is conic crusher is mixed with its exceedingly good function, reliable quality tall price compares the credit that wins global user, the ideal that is traditional and conic crusher replaces a product.

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