Make arenaceous machine broken the rule of arenaceous stone

  • Make arenaceous aircraft equipment be when moving job, it is to have certain law but of abide, machinery of our Henan SBM summarized the law through practice, consult for everybody.
    1, when online rate is same, the manufacturing efficiency with arenaceous original state and the volume that take makings bead way show inverse ratio concern; If linear velocity is bigger, so the productivity with arenaceous original state also is met gradually increase.
    2, original state is arenaceous the volume that contain pink is higher, stone pink content is met as linear velocity reduce and reduce, stone pink content and the concern that take makings bead way are not obvious.
    3, original state is arenaceous the bead diameter inside is in the grain of 0.315-2.5 millimeter is smaller, and the grain number of 25 millimeter above is compared much, arenaceous grading curve is not the be identical of arenaceous grading curve photograph in be being mixed completely, original state is arenaceous fineness modulus and linear velocity show inverse ratio concern.
    By above relation we can be known, in making arenaceous machine have molar process to ore, also definite pattern can be abided by, because this makes arenaceous machine get more high quality arenaceous stone to use, we need to undertake operating strictly according to the manufacturing regulation of equipment.