The about crusher of type of double roller TIPS that 9 you must know

  • The about crusher of type of SBM Shuang Gun TIPS that 9 you must know

    1, this seriesYesRoller type crusherBasically prop up the part such as bearing, impaction and regulating unit and actuating device to comprise by composition of round screw die, round screw die.

    2, the adjustment that gives makings size: Contain between two round screw die wedge or spacer regulating unit, the top of wedge device contains adjust bolt, should adjust bolt general when wedge piece is pulled up, wedge piece leaves top of mobile round screw die fixed annulus, namely clearance of two round screw die greatens, give makings granuality to greaten, when wedge piece toWhen falling, mobile round screw die issues clearance decrescent two rounds in the action of pressure spring, give makings granuality decrescent. Spacer device is to pass the amount of spacer of increase and decrease or thickness to come to those who give makings granuality size adjust, when increasing spacer clearance of two round screw die greatens, when decrescent of clearance of the two round screw die when reducing spacer, give makings granuality decrescent.

    3, actuating device is by two electromotor, arrive through V belt drive on groovy annulus procrastinate move round screw die, according to opposite way motion rotates. When broken stock, stock from pass round screw die into makings mouth, be pressed via grinding and broken, broken the finished product after from chassis below eduction.

    4, for safety, transmission part should install a protective cover according to actual condition proper motion.

    1) the job dividing iron that should strengthen mine. Be not broken content (content of drill rod first class) drop crusher of pair of type of roller of attaint of the meeting between roller, as a result is caused jockey accident. Be in soRoller type crusherThe device that divide iron should be installed before.

    2) agglutinant stock jams easily broken space, jam in processing breakdown should jockey processing, disclose ore deposit cannot have in movement.

    3) contain chunk when the stock of processing relatively a long time, should notice chunk ore is squeezed easily from broken space come out, hurt person or attaint installation in case.

    4) after movement of roller type crusher is longer, as a result of roller face wear away bigger, can cause product granuality meticulous, want to the attention adjusts the mouth that discharge mine or undertake the overhaul to equipment at this moment.

    5) the examination that strengthens pair of equipment, want to be cheered on time to the lubricant place of equipment, hold the lubricant position with good equipment.