Hill treasure 2PCF-2022 sheet paragraph hammer type crusher

  • Hill treasure 2PCF-2022 sheet paragraph hammer type crusher is odd crusher uses paragraph of hammer formula at broken run-of-mill brittleness ore, if limestone, mud is qualitative powdery sandstone, shaly, gesso and coal, also suit the compound with broken limestone and qualitative clay.

    The characteristic of crusher is broken than big, but stone of chunk raw ore broken to accord with wear size, with two traditional paragraphs broken system photograph is compared, can save one-time investment 45% , broken cost reduces ore about 40% . The operation is simple, maintenance is convenient, reduced labor intensity of the worker. As odd as congener odd rotor paragraph of breaking equipment photograph than, 2PCF-2022 sheet paragraph hammer type crusher suits more broken relatively stick stock, can eliminate jam of conglutinate suffer from, working on the safe side, power consumption is low, peen, comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb fragile a service life is longer. A makings granuality of crusher is OK design according to the requirement of the user, granuality of its are the biggest makings can relax 100mm, productivity and place need power to depend on the content reason of ore pledges and enter, give makings size.

    Paragraph hammer type crusher is one kind strikes back type crusher, main peen is in on intense blow has to ore in antrum, ore is right of Tie Zhen bump and the collision between ore makes ore broken. Advocate electromotor passes couplet series narrow V belt is driven of greatly the rotor of belt annulus, ore passes what feed crusher to mine equipment to enter makings □ , serve the rotor that high speed rotates, peen hits ore with taller linear velocity, attack at the same time break or press makings piece, makings piece bumps Tie Zhen to go up or be collided oneself by depressive and smash again, be worked into crusher and fine-toothed comb by hammer fillet next the area continues to hit and be smashed, when till stock is less than comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb,seaming dimension from eduction of machine antrum bottom.

    Type crusher basically is expected by rotor, Tie Zhen, platoon the component such as the fine-toothed comb, housing, device that smoke an axis and transmission part is comprised.

    Rotor is the core of crusher, it by hammer dish, upright dish, peen, main shaft, greatly belt annulus, bearing and bearing composition. Main shaft uses data of high grade alloy, to get used to broken chunk ore and the need that deliver big torque, sectional design is quadrate hammer Pan Heduan dish solder with steel of low alloy structure and become, they are covered go up in main shaft later, originally closely with bolt of 8 be well versed in, wide model roller bearing of SKF of biserial attune heart can bear very big concussion load and very big span, a side of rotor is large area annulus, peen is to wind transition completely, encounter chunk ore cannot biff and when breaking, it can be complete keep out of the way arrives hammer dish in, peen is made by the tall manganese steel that contains chromium, have taller wear-resisting property, after peen wears away at the same time can change sides is used.

    Anvil is located in two rotor lower part, on horizontal center line, be cast by wear-resisting alloy material and become, anvil and rotor extension included angle, increased to cut action to the concussion of ore. Its two end are embedded go up in housing, anvil and rotor job have space between the circle, enter the stock granuality of a makings belt in order to assure.

    Platoon makings fine-toothed comb by a certain number of piece comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb composition, fine-toothed comb board is made by wear-resisting alloy material.

    Housing by next housing, on housing (include to go up housing of end board, front board, top) , semicircle sidewall composition. Use armor plate to solder entirely, contact with ore inside the surface all contains wear-resisting scaleboard. Go up housing and next housing join with a hinge. Should change scaleboard, peen or other and fragile when, need to disassemble only on, the join bolt of next housing, use hydraulic pressure crock to make go up housing circles axis of bore with a reamer to rotate and open, with achieving changing goal. Axis having hammer leaves on Mi circle sidewall draw-out aperture, the two end of next housing open a door each, for draw-out platoon makings fine-toothed comb and personnel enter what overhaul inside machine to use.

    Drive part is the dynamical source of crusher, it by zonule annulus, flywheel, shaft coupling, bearing, electric machinery base, slippery course, pull rod and advocate electromotor composition. Zonule annulus is passed narrow of V belt and rotor take round of photograph to transfer even fetch power greatly, make rotor achieves the rotate speed of need to give birth to ideal broken effect in order to produce, advocate go up in electromotor base below electromotor, zonule annulus and flywheel, can adjust through pull rod adjuster narrow the rate of degree of tightness that V carries.