Mechanical industry grows trend analysis

  • Machinist job of our country of second half of the year will still continue to maintain good progress momentum, each index that the beginning of the year calculates is expected to come true above quota.

    The advantageous element that mechanical product market grows has: The policy that promotes equipment manufacturing industry already was accepted for all circles, will produce country of positive effect; to increase a section to be able to reduce the policy strength of the platoon stage by stage, the development that spurs relevant industry technical reformation, this offers; of new development good luck to increase consumption for machinist job undoubtedly, increase support agriculture strength and strengthen infrastructure to build, also offer mechanical product of considerable market space; for mechanical product exit general continues to improve in qualitative respect, adjust exit drawback to be helpful for exporting the adjustment of product structure, the exit that wait will obtain facility of car, high-grade Electromechanical better progress, form exit advocate make a product. Adverse element is: The test; basis that machinist job will still face severe manufacturing cost pressure and shortage of partial raw material imports the policy that advanced and mechanical equipment imports about encouraging about the branch, the entrance of high-grade mechanical and electrical products can increase share of second half of the year, this will be squeezed occupy; of partial home market to be mixed with large combine harvester large and medium-sized the manufacturing growth of the agriculture machinery product that the tractor is a delegate is lack of power.

    At present from mechanical industry the situation is analysed, the growth range that the enterprise holds order is not low, predict to won't appear the problem that makes production rises to fall greatly greatly. Run mode situation still maintains aid of already of machinist of second half of the year to grow steadily. Gross value of industrial output, industry raises a cost, advocate forehead of exit of total of business Wu income, profit, foreign trade will maintain 25% higher rate of the left and right sides to grow.