The adjustment that floatation place uses the agent has what classification, what is utility

  • The adjustment that floatation place uses the agent has what classification, what is utility

    The because of different technology, different ore need in floatation product line, the adjustment that uses agent type is more, basically coagulate for PH value, activator, depressor, garrulous agent, dispersive agent 5 kinds, their utility is as follows respectively:

    1, PH value adjusts an agent. Through adjusting ore pulp acid-base value, control composition of chemistry of mineral surface character, ore pulp and the action condition of all sorts of drug, improve floatation result. Have lime, sodium carbonate, hydrogen commonly usedly oxidation natrium and vitriolic etc.

    2, activator. Can increase mineral catch the action ability that receives a dose together, make difficult float mineral get activation and be removed by float. If use bluestone processing to be hard to be the same as the blende of yellow drug action, vulcanization copper is formed to cover film in mineral surface, after can be arrested to receive floatation; or use ore deposit of oxidation of lead of vulcanization natrium activation, copper, floatation of reoccupy yellow medicine.

    3, depressor. Raise mineral hydrophily or prevent mineral catch action receiving a dose together, make its but buoyancy is restrained. If use lime to restrain pyrite, restrain blende with vitriolic zinc and prussiate, restrain silicate gangue to wait with water glass. Use starch, tannin extract (Chan Ning) wait for organic matter to make depressor, can make a variety of mineral floatation detached.

    4, garrulous coagulates agent. Make mineral fine grained gathers into bigger grain, use alternative garrulous in order to accelerate; of its underwater settling speed to coagulate can undertake garrulous coagulates - take off mud and garrulous to coagulate - floatation. Commonly used garrulous coagulates the agent has polypropylene acyl amine and starch to wait.

    5, dispersive agent. Prevent fine mine bead to gather, make be in monomer dispersive condition, action and garrulous coagulate the agent is contrary, commonly usedly water glass, phosphate waits.

    The dosage of floatation drug reachs the element such as flow characteristic along with condition of property of drug sort, ore, floatation and change. General every tons of ore uses tens of a few grams, grams to hundreds gram only, also many reach those who count kilogram. Floatation aircraft type is more also, and the odd chamfer of different type or much chamfer bulk are different, need to determine the dosage of floatation drug according to integrated condition, so that achieve best result.

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