Also brought SBM of a series of environmental protection problem through using up many natural resources to expand economy should be to strategy what kind of

  • Also brought SBM of a series of environmental protection problem through using up many natural resources to expand economy should be to strategy what kind of

    Since reforming and opening since, home produces the centre of gravity of the enterprise to be put on economic development, will expand economy through draining many resource, although economy went up, but the destruction that bringing is an environment really, it is incorrect so, the buildup with the environmental protection ceaseless consciousness of people, taller and taller also to producing the demand of equipment, what so we need now is environmental protection equipment. New breaking equipment is having new working way, lubricate in what microscope bearing answers before equipment works the case is good, whether does joint of the bracket inside bearing have enough grease, equipment all fastener are quite complete, what assure its device only is good, ability assures its work efficiency, if be the device that has used, whether the interior that still needs to inspect facility has ore or other and sundry, if have,still need to keep clear of in time, also can prolong the life of crusher equipment so. Energy-saving decrease a platoon to reflect the manufacturing technology in equipment to go up not only, equipment also wants those who make sure its are normal to start when work and regular job, the condition that if equipment appears,runs out of order, ought to quit the job instantly, inspect facility, yet to be investigated bright reason eliminates hidden danger, just can start again. When crusher is working, general metropolis has dirt to appear, after crusher runs normally, ability is cast quite makings, raw material normal affiliation arrives inside broken antrum, do not need to shift to an earlier date feed in raw material, can appear otherwise the machine gives moving difficulty, also need to use professional equipment cleanness in the light of occurrence dirt. The working temperature of equipment is spent in 30-70 commonly, if not be inside this limit, ought to prove a cause, solve. Assuring gnathic type crusher to work normally also is energy-saving the stress that reduces a platoon, if broken antrum appears the circumstance of get stuck, still may be in stay the case of machine, this is to be not accorded with energy-saving of the level that reduces a platoon, altogether, the equipment of domestic crusher industry needs energy-saving decrease a platoon, this also is can develop the strategy continuously reflect. Better and better as national economy, manufacturing technology also had very big improvement, in assure to manufacture efficiency while begin to enhance strength to environmental protection career, investment is huge endowment and make known to lower levels each policy hope can transform environmental protection industry, especially crusher industry, the problem that basically exists at present is, to resource unreasonable apply bring about pollution, waste serious, the manufacturing technology of this and crusher cannot take off implication. In fire for instance power plant, steelworks can have many fuel combustion, this undertakes with crusher with respect to need crocus comes desulphurization, after installing desulphurization device, meeting huge reduces airy to pollute, at the same time limestone pink body also can sell a more reasonable price it may be said in the market is kill two birds with one stone, this is the main effect of environmental protection equipment. The field is developed in mine, the action of crocus equipment also cannot be ignored, use at undertaking ore pink grinds treatment, production gives the powdery put oneself in another's position that fits each industries to use, also can undertake handling to gangue at the same time, reduce the waste of resource; More important when can use breaking equipment + the product line plan of grinder will handle building rubbish, also can obtain favorable beneficial result; Reduce our country to build the accumulation of rubbish. Some closer day, appeared in a lot of cities of home mist haze weather, many building is contaminative fountainhead energetically, this is an environment the caution to us, pay attention to environmental protection to make a of our country main task so, modern manufacturing industry also needs environmental protection grinder.

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