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  • Of electric machinery the person that choose a motivation that electric machinery is crusher job to offer, choose an appropriate electromotor to having crucial effect to energy-saving synergism. According to the requirement of the article, use the surface to accumulate hypothesis, the U=k0 of specific power consumption of broken weight (1d-1D) the broken specific power consumption of stock of the K0 in type of =3.54096 × 108J, it is with 325 # cement exemple, in belonging to hard stock, 3.62 × of = extraction K0 105J/kg.

    The hammer type crusher with similar ground of 106=98.36kW of × of U3.6 of = of W of approximate and broken power, coefficient of the Kb in power P=k0D2Lrnkb=105.3kW type, to ~ of large crusher Kb=0.15 0.2; D rotor diameter, m; Lr rotor length, m; N rotor rotate speed, r/min.

    The power of reason electromotor is taken for 110kW. According to the characteristic of crusher and working environment, choose three-phase enclosed YR315L2-8 of electromotor of asynchronous of the rotor that wind a string (IP44) , rotate speed is 740r/min, choose voltage to be 380V, the biggest torsion / rated torsion =2.38.

    Way of the transmission in taking transmission to design this design is chosen take drive. Use one big one small 2 leather belt annulus are passed narrow V takes join, deliver torsion, among them belt annulus is small skin celiac board type, greatly leather belt annulus is spoke type. Choose V to bring model: Narrow V takes 25N (8V) , effective length 4830mm.

    Main shaft designs a basis to weigh the operating mode with load, oscillatory concussion, choose 42CrMo, move qualitative processing. The spare parts type that consideration axis installs on the installation position in the machine and form, axis, dimension, amount and the structure that wait for an element to decide an axis with join method of the axis are designed.

    The optimizes key to have a key in gearing action of key. D of the diameter that press an axis chooses the longest key on decided main shaft to be 4610mm from inside relevant specification, in bear change carry, below percussive action, must undertake to its accurate school nucleus is mixed optimize. The article is applied large and finite yuan of analytic software ANSYS, the key that to 42CrMo, 45 steel, nodular cast iron 3 kinds of material pledge undertook labor.

    In pretreatment, get power for what truer imitate bolts, after undertaking segmentation to the model of key again stickup, segment join face that is axis and hub, this is the interface of different way force.

    Analytic result: (1) the curve of node meet an emergency with 3 kinds of qualitative material is like 42CrMo of analysis of node meet an emergency, 45 steel, nodular cast iron 3, 4, 5 are shown.

    Curve of 342CrMo node meet an emergency curve of meet an emergency of 445 steel node curve of meet an emergency of 5 nodular cast iron can be seen by curve of meet an emergency, the greatest strain of the key that 3 kinds of material make is 1.75mm, 1.816mm, 2.573mm respectively, the strain of nodular cast iron is greater, the meet an emergency of before 2 kinds of material differs very small, in addition show by cloud of meet an emergency, the meet an emergency of 45 steel is even, namely the interior of material gets power even.

    (2) the stress cloud that node stress analyses 3 kinds of material to pledge and node stress curve are shown 11 times like 6 ~ .

    Curve of stress of node of 742CrMo of 642CrMo stress cloud cloud of 845 steel stress curve of stress of 945 steel node cloud of stress of 10 nodular cast iron curve of stress of node of 11 nodular cast iron by 6 ~ 11 knowable, segment place to be stress concentration, likewise corresponding stress also has inflection point on the curve, the greatest equivalent stress of 3 kinds of material is 17.5MPa, 17.5MPa, 17.4MPa respectively, all far be less than respective material succumb the limit. So stress of 3 kinds of material all satisfies a requirement, but 42CrMo and the meet an emergency of 45 steel are small, performance of these 2 kinds of material has compared this shows, compare a principle according to sexual price again, actor chooses 45 steel.

    Epilogue grog crusher is a kind of wide application raw material of metalloid mine, cement, building materials is broken the equipment that waits for an industry, working environment is harsh, tall to the requirement such as component intensity, apply three-dimensional software to undertake three-dimensional design to its, rose to design efficiency already, assured to design quality again. Gearing is crucial part, key is having crucial effect in whole drive disk assembly. Undertake to the longest key in crusher finite yuan of analysis, reached curve of meet an emergency and stress cloud, compare a principle according to sexual price, undertook material is optimized character.