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  • The fine installation that the user looks at in person - - turn over checkmate, the domain waits in all sorts of coal, coke, slag, stone and limestone broken effect is first-rate, accordingly, the application in a lot of industries are being waited a moment with metallurgy in cement, mine, electric power is very wide also.
    To can be reflected more, contented user demand, technology of our company combination, make wait for a branch relevant personnel, undertake to user construction environment, use condition systematization is collected, analysis and research. Turning over checkmate is a very important machine in belonging to mine machinery, because strike back there is the effect that cannot replace in defeating this equipment to develop in the society, develop pattern to the economic construction, environmental protection with the city especially, made outstanding contribution. Turn over checkmate to use advanced broken principle, it is a device that can be used at broken working procedure of the 2nd path, the 3rd point out. It can be satisfied in the broken to block medium, finely standard in exercise nowadays.
    In turning over checkmate to handle equipment as building rubbish important, at the same time it also begins to cut a figure in arenaceous stone industry. Turn over checkmate besides the distinguish oneself in building rubbish to handle production, still reveal the position that gave oneself in concrete construction industry, also made contribution for the development that the foundation builds. Turn over checkmate can thick to other model machinery has broken stock undertakes farther finely. At the same time some the standard that the machine combines arenaceous stone trade undertakes smashing, make its made one of necessary machines that arenaceous Shi Sheng produces, had gotten the reliance of broad engineer and client nowadays.
    Strike back broken complete can contented arenaceous Shi Sheng produces fineness to stone demand. And research and development is made those who go out is new-style medium, finely arenaceous stone breaking equipment. Always go in a place oversight those very important things, defeat stone machine photograph to compare with other not only, the working principle design that turns over checkmate is more clever also. Also because of this, turn over checkmate can broken piece fineness very expensive stock, because raw material is clean, can accomplish clay content to avoid check. To reduce use cost effectively, profit of better to come true also put into production, the because wear away,can create equipment be no longer in force situation in turning over checkmate to the tradition, had significant improvement, production of research and development gives OK applying Yu Dazhong is small-sized the combined-type peen that turns over checkmate, pass the treatment of composite material, improved one-time service life, reduce effectively use cost integratedly what turn over checkmate.