The crocus effect of gangue flower grinder is good

  • The crocus effect of gangue flower grinder is good

    Quartz of arteries and veins is compact lump, specific gravity 2.65 the left and right sides, hardness is more than 7, bases is 2 oxidation silicon, because be able to bear or endure lukewarm is good, acid-proof and alkalescent good, tall insulation, chemical function stabilizes function of fine waiting for actor, apply in the industry domain such as industrial glass, pottery and porcelain extensive. Of mine of quartz of arteries and veins use, the effect after needing to pass treatment is better, the treatment technology that adopts to its commonly is crocus. At this moment, gangue flower grinder exhibits skill greatly, so is the crocus effect of gangue flower grinder good? Introduce for you from two respects below.

    Principle of 1. facility work is scientific

    When gangue flower grinder works, the quartz of arteries and veins with broken course is mineral after be being entered to grind antrum, scoop by moldboard send roll and grind undertake grinding pressing between annulus, grind the powder after pressing to take analytic chance along with the circular wind of air-blower, qualification fine pink flows into tornado collect pink along with gas implement it is finished product namely, bead of big grain content falls to be ground again. Circular wind returns air-blower to repeat above process again, yu Feng enters bag type dust catcher to purify. When roll and it is certain to grind annulus to achieve after wearing away, adjust high-pressured bedspring length, maintain roll and wear ring between constant grind pressure, the crop that assures stability thereby and fineness. Its pass such flow to undertake to mine of quartz of arteries and veins powdery body is machined namely, whole job flow is smooth, without jam, manufacturing processing capability is strong, each component runs stability, can safe production. From quartz of this arteries and veins flow of grinder facility work looks, crocus craft is very good.

    Effect of finished product of 2. crocus equipment is good

    What achieve earnings finally after all still is to should rely on pink of quartz of finished product arteries and veins, the manufacturing beneficial result of the sale status of this mine pink and user is immediate link up with. Among them, granuality is in the finished product of pink of quartz of arteries and veins that by quartz of arteries and veins grinder production comes out 0.125-0.010mm, fineness quite fine, on manufacturing crop very big also, because pink of mine of this finished product is fineness even, size just in time of production can use his in all sorts of pottery and porcelain, make the industry field such as the brick, sale market is so vast, the user does not need concern to sell the market, 2 it is the price difference is big, that is to say the difference on raw ore and price of pink of finished product mine is big, can bring sizable economic profit for the user. From the point of pink of mine of quartz of finished product arteries and veins, the crocus result that showed gangue flower grinder adequately also is good.

    The quartz of arteries and veins that SBM machine produces grinder quality is good, and can deploy promotion according to user production machine, storage bin, electronic-controlled the auxiliary equipment such as ark, machine giving pink, crusher, help user produces craft to undertake coaching waiting to this mineral crocus, the user that has intent choose and buy but online advisory more is relevant information.