Frame of gnathic type crusher is finite yuan of overview

  • Frame of gnathic type crusher is finite yuan of overview

    Frame is the assembly ground of component of crusher of whole jaw type, it is bearing in the job very big load, its weight is occupied overall very large proportion, and treatment production amount is large. The intensity of frame of gnathic type crusher and stiffness are right overall function and component life all have very big effect. This chapter changes the parameter that uses ANSYS design language APDL to undertake to frame of crusher of twin-circuit gnathic type reasonable build a model, it is 117Mpa and 250Mpa in the light of compressive strength the operating mode of two kinds of typical and broken stock, undertake to frame respectively finite yuan the analysis is emulated, distributinging rule reachs the stress that searchs the frame below two kinds of operating mode be out of shape characteristic. Of this pair of directive frame optimize a design, reduce chance is serious very significant.
    Finite yuan the law is one kind uses the computer to demand the very effective numeric method that explains complex engineering construction, its are basic the thought is the project system that studies place change into a structure approximate finite yuan of system, this system is combined by node and unit and become, in order to replace original project system, finite yuan the system can be changed into mode of a maths, and according to mathematical mode, get this then finite yuan of systematic solution, come out through node, unit expression.
    What apply in structural analysis basically is displacement finite yuan of law, its are basic the thought is integral structure the model simplifies, try disperse is changed form a certain number of what the node of unit and disperse forms is finite yuan of model, pass interpolation function next, the displacement that uses node will describe the displacement that nods each inside unit, through building displacement successional equation reachs the balance equation of force, form finite the mathematical model of yuan of analysis.
    MNSYS software is development of American ANSYS company is large and general finite yuan of analysis software, it is worldwide inside the CAE application software with the rapiddest development, the research that can have inclusive the course such as structure, hot, sound, fluid and electromagnetism, make in nuclear industry, railroad, petro-chemical, aerospace, machinery, the domain such as home appliance of medicine of war industry of car traffic, national defence, electron, biology, irrigation works, daily expense is having wide application.