Crusher of type of first large jaw of Chinese gets offline in SBM

  • Crusher of type of first large jaw of Chinese gets offline in SBM

    Expand of scale of production ceaselessly to get used to industry, the requirement makes larger crusher, large the development trend that changing is our country broken machine. Current, the biggest norms of crusher of world palatine mood is 2100mm × 3000mm, productivity amounts to 2000-3000t/h. In recent years, hydraulic pressure technology gets applied on gnathic type crusher, appeared crusher of gnathic type of fluid pressure type, use hydraulic pressure to adjust the volume that discharges makings mouth namely, give range with maintaining product granuality to be in inside.

    On March 3 afternoon 3:18, the crusher of large jaw type that my company produces is collect the successful experience of domestic and international congener product, a kind of when with great concentration excogitates large, efficient, energy-saving breaking equipment. Among them large and medium-sized one of fist products that gnathic type crusher is my company, be being designed especially and produce field of crusher of large jaw type, in already was in absolutely and banner level domestic and internationally. The medium size that basically is used at all sorts of ore and chunk stock is broken, but the stock that broken compressive strength is not more than 320Mpa, cent is thick defeat and fine defeat two kinds. Standards of this series product is all ready, its are 125mm ~ 750mm to makings granuality, it is equipment of primary and broken first selection.

    Crusher of type of first large jaw of Chinese gets offline successfully in SBM, indicate the ethical industry of a China equips especially manufacturing industry gains domain of machine of alive group project powerful competitive advantage, begin to march high-end product market. It is reported, this crusher has not gotten offline, already was ordered by the client, market prospect is valued.

    From November 6, 2009, have international the garden of crusher new industry of top-ranking level is comprehensive complete is formal since put into production, SBM crusher begins to enter the course that high speed develops. 2009 sale relatively grew nearly 90% 2008, become SBM group to grow the fastest career ministry.

    According to the program, SBM crusher model will be more perfect in the near future. Competition ability of core of Wu of the powerful research and development that SBM is made with all one's strength and forming, production kimono, for all-around pursuant world top-ranking level lays solid foundation.