My department is new-style make arenaceous machine main part and structural characteristic

  • My department is new-style make arenaceous machine main part and structural characteristic

    New-style making arenaceous machine is the breaking equipment with high efficiency of a kind of efficient and energy-saving, production. Main characteristic has: Through can adjusting minute of glassware cent is 2 or give all the way makings. Give when 2 when makings, give makings canal to enter rotor via the center all the way, fall additionally into eddy to change broken tune directly all the way. After the stock classics rotor inside rotor is quickened, high speed of edge rotor flow path shoots, the stock stock that hits down to change broken tune into eddy or eddy move the sidewall of broken antrum, make a stock is moved in eddy be bumped for many times inside broken antrum and broken.

    Main part reachs structural characteristic:

    1, rotor
    Via the long-term practice to broken and distinct size, different stock, pass the computer CAD and finite yuan of analysis computation, passed a design for many times to improve, drew lessons from at the same time the advanced technique is had on international. Rotor has following character:

    (1) rotor fluctuates board outside side has the baffle that makes via special wear-resisting material, because v layer is finite,avoided the end outside rotor completely, this rotor invalidation that after be being worn away, causes, it is difficult to absolved user rehabilitate and cause huge pecuniary loss.
    (2) open mode rotor designs a structure, can bear extremely hard stock is like corundum, of pair of rotor such as quartz be pounded for many times and wear away.
    (3) the scaleboard of tall wearability and cent makings awl, assure to be used for a long time, avoid rotor to be torn open repeatedly outfit.
    (4) the stop of tall wear-resisting, macrobian life.
    (5) rotor classics is dynamic experiment evenly, can high speed runs smoothly.

    2, hydraulic pressure gives makings control the system
    Ask and adjust what should control a system to be able to satisfy breed of measure of different treating capacity, stock and stock at any time, assure at the same time: -- crusher is used below optimal and broken condition; -- wear away inferiorly cost; -- overload protection; -- prevent to stop machine jam.
    2, main shaft system by main shaft, bearing, bearing reach lubricant wait for a component to comprise. Main shaft uses high grade alloy steel to make and via special processing, assure enough strength and stiffness, make main shaft tears open what pair of main shaft avoid when outfit to wear away in bearing at the same time. Choose entrance SKF high grade bearing, changed bearing to accept strength condition, make bearing has longer service life, made sure long-term safety, smooth, high-speed runs main shaft system.