The country encourages policy to be helpful for the development of conic broken industry

  • The country encourages policy to be helpful for the development of conic broken industry

    Conic crusher is one of the commonnest crusher types that mine industry can encounter when buying a product, previously firm expert also fractionize is too conic model crusher all sorts of model and applicable circumstance, here lists again with everybody first:
    Conic crusher distinguishs standard type, short head dummy, use at commonly medium, fine broken on. Standard type, use at commonly 2 broken, namely in broken. Short head dummy is used at commonly fine broken, defeat eventually namely. Conic crusher has Ximengsi 4 kinds of antrum. Namely special roughcast, roughcast, medium-sized, fine model. Chosen principle is to view makings granuality and decision of size of platoon makings bead, enter makings degree big, product granuality is thick, choose special roughcast or roughcast, use conversely medium-sized and fine model. When computation enters makings granuality, it is to use a side the biggest size of feed inlet is multiplied with 0.85 enter the dimension basis of makings as the choice, and the average size of the product is the biggest enter makings except with broken than. Standard type of crusher of awl of Simon Si Yuan is multi-purpose circulate at open circuit, short head dummy is multi-purpose circulate at closed circuit.
    As in last few years economy grows, heavy industry industry made the pillar trade of our country, government to give aid to of crusher homebred turn a tide, the development that promotes crusher also was announced " seek collier coach opinion about promoting deep " develop in order to promote perambulate of mineral products of our country solid to deep. Government to give aid to crusher industry grows, help its spend financial crisis smoothly, mine of large blame highway uses formulary finance unit from unload and its key component and raw material to import tax policy to undertake adjustment. Impose regressive principle first to importing value added tax of the import tariff of core component and import segment to execute, assured the new product development of the enterprise and own innovation.