The 6 big reason with calorific bearing of ball mill electric machinery

  • The 6 big reason with calorific bearing of ball mill electric machinery

    Energy-saving ball mill and electromotor bearing temperature are elevatory, exceed a regulation, can damage energy-saving ball mill badly, affect the service life of ball mill. Temperature of bearing of electric machinery of energy-saving ball mill has high too the following 6 respects.

    1, check energy-saving ball mill the lubricant dot of each place, uses lube name and equipment leave factory the manual is consistent.

    2, check lube of energy-saving ball mill and grease to whether deteriorate.

    3, check energy-saving ball mill whether does lubricant pipeline have jam, or it is lube did not enter lubricant place directly, oily quantity inadequacy is caused calorific.

    4, the side space of plain bearing liner of energy-saving ball mill is too little, the gap of plain bearing liner and axis is too big, osculatory dot is overmuch, cannot form the even oil film on plain bearing liner.

    5, overmuch or grease of bearing of scroll of energy-saving ball mill is too little, overmuch form churns into scroll body grease produces quantity of heat, and quantity of heat comes loose not easily go out. Guo Shaorun slips undesirable, answer to increase full oily amount by the regulation, the 1/3 ~ 1/2 that is bearing space commonly is properer.

    6, energy-saving ball mill polishs style the seal unit of the hollow axis of two end is too close, or it is sealed body iron contact with axial photograph directly.

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