The unique part of conic crusher

  • The unique part of conic crusher

    As the rapid development of Chinese economy, of industry of Chinese crusher tool also flourish from flat trend gradually, the scope of application of conic crusher has gotten very big promotion is reached gain ground, can be this machine gets large-scale is popularized, show the sells a dot to He Du arrives part of conic crusher.
    In 60 old development processes, conic type crusher from come out up to now, basically had completed material preparation and property development phase, entered comprehensive application and perfect craft phase, the country that values progress of conic type crusher got material benefit. In future overseas market prospect still capacious.
    SBM is conic for next mask body lousy a few great distinctive performance:
    1. The specifications index of conic crusher is stable, this product granuality wears away with scaleboard almost have nothing to do.
    2. What conic crusher uses is stock statified the choice is broken. Broken antrum cram gives makings, stock bears in broken antrum all-around extruding, cut and knead of people of talent arrives broken, and from broken purpose, make broken antrum wall avoided direct contact, prevent scaleboard effectively to wear away each other, and avoid stock by the pollution of metallic contaminant, make thereby of this machine fragile easy bad news degree is reduced, lengthened wear-resisting effectively service life, broken comparing is other the general above of congener equipment.