The working principle of all sorts of crusher

  • The working principle of all sorts of crusher
    Crusher of one chin type basically is told below, strike back type crusher, conic crusher, to the working principle of roller crusher.
    The structure of gnathic type crusher basically has frame, eccentric shafe, big leather belt annulus, flywheel, move fender of gnathic, side, bracket, bracket unoccupied place screw of backlash, attune, return spring, stationary jaw plate and mobile jaw board wait for composition, among them bracket still has insurance effect. Crusher of this series gnathic type is broken means moves extruding for music model, electromotor drive leather belt and leather belt annulus, make through eccentric shafe the fluctuation that move jaw moves, the bracket when should moving jaw to rise and move the included angle between jaw to greaten, drive thereby move jaw board to decide jaw board to be close to, meanwhile stock is squashed, rub, grind etc multiple and broken; When the be issued to lower levels that move jaw, bracket and move decrescent of the included angle between jaw, move jaw board to leave calm jaw below the action of pull rod, bedspring board, right now broken already stock falls buccal eduction from broken antrum, turn as electromotor broken motor-driven jaw makes periodic crunch and platoon material continuously, realize batch production.
    Strike back type crusher is one kind uses concussion to be able to come the broken machine of broken stock. When this mechanic is made, in electromotor drive, rotor high speed rotates, stock enters bar effect zone time, the bar that goes up with rotor bumps into checkmate to break, be cast to again after strike back on device again broken, next from strike back be played on scaleboard return bar action area new and broken, this process repeats undertake, stock by arrive greatly small enter one, 2, 3, strike back antrum repeats undertake broken, till stock by broken want size to place, by give makings mouth eduction. Adjust strike back a goal that can achieve change stock to give makings granuality and stock appearance with the clearance between rotor.
    When conic crusher works, the whirl of electromotor passes leather belt annulus or conic ministry is in transmission shaft of shaft coupling, conic crusher and conic crusher prejudicial covered approach moves next circling a week secures a dot to make come back place motion. Make broken and conic broken wall from time to time is stood by thereby the outside of wall of make friends joint of bones that from time to time leaves solid outfit to go up in tone a complete set of, make ore is pounded inside broken antrum ceaselessly, what squash and curve action and realize ore is broken. Electromotor adopts bevel gear drive prejudicial cover roll, make broken awl is made come back place motion. Broken awl from time to time is stood by from time to time leaves fixed awl, finish broken expect with the platoon. Prop up set rely on bedspring impaction with the joint that wear body, metallic piece should fall to wait inside crusher cannot when broken object, bedspring arises namely compress be out of shape, eduction eyewinker, implementation is safe, prevent machine damage.
    Conic crusher is in when broken eyewinker passes broken antrum or cannot overloading because of machine of some kind of reason, system of insurance of conic crusher bedspring realizes insurance, conic crusher discharges mine mouth to increase. Eyewinker from conic crusher broken antrum eduction, if the eyewinker gets stuck to be able to use clear antrum system in platoon ore, make discharge mine to continue to increase, make eyewinker eduction conic crusher is broken antrum. Conic crusher falls in the action of bedspring, the mouth that discharge mine is automatic restoration, conic crusher machine returns to normal the job. Shop of broken antrum surface has scaleboard of wear-resisting tall manganese steel. Size of the mouth that discharge mine uses hydraulic pressure or the hand is moved undertake adjustment.
    Give the adjustment of makings granuality to roller crusher: Contain between two round screw die wedge or spacer regulating unit, the top of wedge device contains adjust bolt, should adjust bolt general when wedge piece is pulled up, wedge piece leaves top of mobile round screw die fixed annulus, namely clearance of two round screw die greatens, give makings granuality to greaten, become when wedge piece is down, mobile round screw die issues clearance decrescent two rounds in the action of pressure spring, give makings granuality decrescent. Spacer device is to pass the amount of spacer of increase and decrease or thickness to come to those who give makings granuality size adjust, when increasing spacer clearance of two round screw die greatens, when decrescent of clearance of the two round screw die when reducing spacer, give makings granuality decrescent.