Shift of SBM mine machine builds rubbish crusher to aid force Kunming to build rubbish to reclaim use a project

  • On Feburary 27, 2009, the village in Kunming city town transforms a project to pull open heavy curtain formally, the time that Kunming city plans to use 5 years finishs the village in 336 cities inside Kunming building area rebuild transformed major move. The project of great common feelings of people that safety of property of life of people of the people's livelihood, safeguard improves when the village in “ city transforms ” .

    As old building of the village in the city demolish, annual the millions of new generation ton building rubbish what course to follow! Fill simply although go to the lavatory,bury, but fountainhead of the land of harmful material pollution that keeps in rubbish, underground is polluted for a long time. A certain number of after year, if be in this build highway or building, foundation cave in is hard to avoid!
    For this, kunming municipal government is brilliant and decision-making, came on stage 2010 " executive measure of government of rubbish of building of Kunming city town and building rubbish resource change processing job plan " , city lives build bureau also came on stage " the announcement that be handled about accelerating executive Kunming city to build rubbish resource to change and uses demonstrative project " , the government encourages an industry to develop through a variety of favourable means.

    Below the encouragement of Kunming municipal government, yunnan Wei bright, Yunnan childs a batch of enterprises enter exploit of gigantic abundant of ox, Yunnan, Yunnan, Ruiningsaida this industry, yunnan Wei bright introduce YPS200 of SBM mine machine movable type to build rubbish broken station, yunnan childs introduce YPS260 of machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine movable type to build rubbish broken station, be in two years short in time, industry dimensions expands quickly, in at present already 14 enterprises participate in his, these 14 companies are average every product line can handle building rubbish every months 420000 tons, 14 enterprises can handle many tons 700 one year about.

    Broken station is in rubbish of construction of SBM mine chance site of job of processing of rubbish of each big city building

    Annual and average generation builds Kunming 7.6 million tons rubbish, if can undertake resource changes second birth to use adequately, can create on 100 million yuan value. As one of people that enter Kunming the earliest to build rubbish second birth to use a trade, ouyang Shengming of general manager of limited company of engineering of Yunnan Wei bright machinery has experience greatly to this, be in the new Kunming in development, construction to arise every year to build rubbish in great quantities, changing these rubbish useless to be treasure is to Kunming result be in in contemporary benefit the contribution of a thousand years.

    Kunming city builds rubbish to handle flow

    The government is driven energetically make resource of Kunming building rubbish changes processing rake in to break through, of brick of sincere of “ Kunming production " technical standard " had entered argumentation phase at present, through determining technical level, will conduce to the promotion that accelerates second birth of building rubbish litter to use. Sectional chief expresses related ” city.

    In Feburary 2010 up to now, 14 industries of Kunming city fundsed raised by oneself to throw more than 10 movable type to build rubbish to handle equipment early or late, in building of Kunming city former municipal government, ananas village piece village of area, Ming Bo piece village of village of a low bank of earth between fields of village of the place after village of 5 area, caboodle, Li Jia piles village, Zhao Jia to pile village, round mountain, sanded channel, red temple, old fishing village, , work of construction of city of new to driving Kunming cannot be done not have.

    Worth while and glad is, while industry dimensions expands, these enterprises accumulated a large number of practical experience, new technology of active exploration and research and development, new patent. As we have learned, the Yunnan of classics of concrete sincere brick that the second birth arenaceous stone that treats equipment production with rubbish of movable type building produces saves construction project quality to supervise examine the station examines, each index all reachs national level, already used in many projects project now. The building rubbish that uses technical divisions reason at the same time regards highway water as firm layer material line of link of travel of chicken of green jade of area of west hill be goinged to by investment 2 contracts paragraph construction, as set an example, quality also got quality of Kunming city highway detects of the center approbate.

    The government handles a project to building rubbish support energetically

    SBM mine machine regards home's oldest building as manufacturer of rubbish processing equipment, first equipment manufacturer that enters Kunming to build rubbish to handle the market, depend on excellent product quality and perfect after service, and advanced building rubbish handles a solution, the accord that won Kunming market client reputably, building rubbish handles equipment to be in the province city such as Lv Liang of Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Shanxi, Jiangsu to win success application early or late! SBM person not arrogant not impetuous, insist to innovate, ceaseless research and development builds rubbish to handle new product, new technology, for Kunming city building rubbish resource turns a power that handles him contribution!

    The article sends far editor by the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of limited company of machinery of Zhengzhou SBM mine, if need to reprint, make clear copyright, provenance please!