SBM ball mill is main and fragile component

  • SBM ball mill is main and fragile component

    The ball mill scaleboard that is used at mine production is ball mill main and fragile component, when because grind accident,turning, breaking equipment scaleboard should get the concussion of medium and stock, grind pare and ore pulp is corroded wait for action, formed scaleboard concussion to wear away, exhaustion wears away, cut wear away, abrasive wears away and chemistry is corroded wait for interact, ramon is ground make scaleboard uses up expenses of a when make production of mine mineral separation main cost.

    The development history of foreign scaleboard is longer, material of scaleboard of alloy of 11 kinds of iron radical of foreign is qualitative but reduce pearlite is steel, austenite steel, tall alloy cast iron, low alloy martensite steel and compound scaleboard 5 big kinds. From the development of scaleboard process and research circumstance see breaking equipment, foreign scaleboard begins to reach tall manganese steel with pearlite low-alloy steel (since 1882) for the mainstream.

    One Hard of Ni of creation of international nickel company is cast-iron 1928, aluminous company of 50 time Climax studies white mouth of successful Gao Ge is cast-iron, crusher has outstanding anti-wear properties as a result of these two kinds of material, apply very quickly at the scaleboard, etc that grind a ball to fight in the promotion inside international limits grind, after this is adjusted in alloy, the research of the respect such as organization, heat treatment special, up to now still impetus is not decreased. But because tenacity is not tall,these two kinds of material pledge, can strike not big operating mode requirement with Yu Chong only.

    In addition, tall chromic white mouth is cast-iron fight in what wet condition falls corrode wear away ability is poorer.

    Current, foreign industry developed country uses low-alloy steel scaleboard generally, the service life of scaleboard of breaking equipment low-alloy steel is taller than tall manganese steel 30 one 100% . Grader passes the chromium steel in the carbon in controlling heat treatment craft to make to acquire organization of body of shellfish family name, the ball mill scaleboard that steel of body of chromic shellfish family name makes in the carbon in using, the life when wet grinding iron ore raises 36~65% than scaleboard of tall manganese steel. Document [the current situation that 7] summed up scaleboard of domestic and international ball mill to use material, think low-alloy steel mixes medium, low carbon iron has tall chromic Bai Kouzhu the trend that replaces tall manganese steel. For example 70CrMnMoBRe steel scaleboard and martensite tall chromium are aluminous (Crl4~23% , scaleboard of Mol.0~3.0%) Bai Kouzhu iron, floatation machine is when wet grinding iron ore, their life is scaleboard of tall manganese steel respectively 1.4 times with 2.3 times.

    The traditional material of scaleboard of the mine that make is tall manganese steel (Mnl3%) , breaking equipment but because use operating mode difference, service life is universal on the low side. Since 60 time, beautiful, Europe, day, revive wait for a country to begin to study modified tall manganese steel or freeboard manganese steel (Mnl7~25%) , the treatment that the reason is tall below impact of medium, low rate manganese steel is sclerotic and insufficient. Join Cr normally, m. , ni, v, the element such as Nb undertakes alloy is changed, adjust Mn, control the content of element of arenaceous machine C, undertake deteriorating handling, in order to raise its initiative hardness, improvement machines hardening capacity, and enhance it to be below wet condition (if lose,acidity, acidity or alkalescent pulp medium exist) fight corrode tatty ability, pound operating mode to differring with hour hand, choose different manganese steel material, according to operating mode condition actor picks material, make on certain level service life of manganese steel scaleboard is able to rise. The manganese steel in austenite also develops successful progressively modified, promotion since 60 time, when work of concussion of conic type crusher is not expensive in manganese steel machines sclerotic rate than tall manganese steel tall and more wear-resisting. Up to now, austenite manganese steel falls in operating mode of blame strong impact not the problem of wear-resisting all was not solved inside alive bound limits, breaking equipment and it is anti-corrosive below wet condition abrasiveness can not beautiful, the life below operating mode of reason wet state is low.

    The one 93 levels that add the 1.5% one Cr of 2.5% to produce a brand to be C in common tall manganese steel cast ASTM128 of American state level; of tall manganese steel joins 0.9%~1.2% or the Mo production brand of 1.8%~2.1% is E one 1, the one standard of 2 casts E tall manganese steel.