Shanghai SBM hammer and tongs, create the arenaceous stone product line of world-class

  • Henan SBM hammer and tongs, create the arenaceous stone product line of world-class

    Arenaceous stone product line is a kind when mine production middling sees, composition of equipment of arenaceous stone line is bigger, mix unlike clastic rock product line make arenaceous product line, hold <> concurrently have clastic rock and control arenaceous function, in obtains finished product material, one part is cobble (5mm above) , one part is sand (5mm is the following) . Because have such good performance, arenaceous stone product line caused domestic and international client's extensive investment upsurge. Invest arenaceous stone product line, machine choosing matchs is a difficult problem that investor faces without doubt. Henan SBM is industrial today discuss the configuration issue that discusses concerned machine, generally speaking, machine choosing deserves to depend on the following elements:

    The first: The type of stone (it is common lime cliff, marble, still be the granite with bigger hardness, basalt, diabase) .

    The 2nd: The hardness of stone (the discretion that basically decides Yu Hangui quantity and water content) .

    The 3rd: Of stone mix into makings granuality a makings granuality size.

    The 4th: The size of product line crop.

    Wait to lime cliff, marble slant for soft stone, machine choosing matchs relatively relaxed, product line configuration meets commonly according to:

    Plan one: Oscillatory feeder + gnathic type crusher (optional) + strike back type crusher + vibrating separator

    The basis can decide to whether choose gnathic type crusher into makings size, turning over checkmate is the core of whole product line, if conceivable fines is some more, recommend use Europe edition to turn over checkmate.

    Plan 2: Oscillatory feeder + gnathic type crusher (optional) + concussion type crusher + vibrating separator

    This plan agrees with the proportion of the sand in finished product makings is larger, the production with cobble less proportion.

    Wait to granite, basalt, diabase slant for hard stock, of the machine anthology compound opposite difficulty, cost also can raise, must cost of investment of mature product line and practical problem, with period obtain the biggest yield. Generally speaking, plan has:

    Plan one: Oscillatory feeder + gnathic type crusher + fine model gnathic type crusher + strike back type crusher + vibrating separator

    Hard stock is right of the machine wear away very big, for the bar that defeats to striking back especially, loss ratio is higher. This plan is defeated through big another name for Hubei province and small another name for Hubei province is defeated broken hind, stock granuality decrescent, repass turns over checkmate broken, efficiency rises, cost is reduced. In the meantime, the bead form of finished product also is met first-rate.

    Plan 2: Oscillatory feeder + gnathic type crusher + conic type crusher + strike back type crusher (optional) + vibrating separator

    Conic broken can the hard stone such as effective and broken granite, basalt, dan Jicheng tastes a form poorer, add according to effective demand from the back turn over checkmate, can improve the bead form quality of finished product effectively.

    Arenaceous stone product line, plan is numerous, more agile also, suit you most as to that kind of plan, also need you to be able to provide a few more detailed demand information (granuality of makings of stone type, crop, pass in and out is waited a moment) . Henan SBM is industrial it is an enterprise that is an organic whole with own research and development, production, sale, crusher of gnathic type of my company production, strike back crusher of type of mobile and type crusher, conic type crusher, broken station, concussion, wash arenaceous machine, Ramon to grind, hang roller to grind, T form is ground, Europe edition is ground, stand grind, micropowder grinding, vibrating separator, vibration. The company holds to the management strategy of “ world-class ” , offer contented and different make arenaceous product line and the clastic rock that stone product line needs, make whole set of equipment of arenaceous, screening. Broken sizing device of production and all sorts of model grinder are in home to congener product precedes and achieve international congener product is advanced level, my company will look around before welcoming broad friend make an on-the-spot investigation, +86-21-58386189 021-58386699 contact: King manager