Crusher of SBM concussion type is improved powder mortar flow

  • Crusher of SBM concussion type is improved powder mortar flow

    Powder mortar is main by make arenaceous machine machine and become, make arenaceous rock have rock of pebble of granite, natural river, andesite, rhyolite, diorite, sandstone, lime commonly, those who make is arenaceous differ by petrosal sort have different strength.

    Powder mortar is to point to the aggregate that handles via dry screening (if quartz is arenaceous) , inorganic gel material (be like cement) with additive (like polymer) the shape of a kind of grain that waits to undertake physics mix and be become by certain proportion or farinaceous, with the form of in bags or bulk carry comes building site, add the stock that after water is blended, can use directly. Call mortar powder again makings, dry batch mixing, dry mix pink, agent of some buildings bind also belongs to this kind.

    Powder mortar is polymer actually dry mix mortar to perhaps do farinaceous prefab mortar, it is one kind is main base material with cement and gesso, according to different structure the function asks, the construction market that imposes powder condition by certain proportion mix into expects and mix additive equably, use in bags or bulk form motion to building site, the mortar that after adding water, can use directly kind building materials. Common powder mortar product has concrete of mortar of metope of coating of metope of adhesive of powder ceramic tile, powder, powder, powder to wait.

    The main breed of equipment of hill of mechanism placer deposit has: Crusher of gnathic type crusher, type of concussion of vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy, strike back type crusher, conic crusher, make arenaceous machine, finely machine, these make arenaceous equipment have different characteristic and different use each, especially series makes arenaceous machine machine a respect to have distinct advantage in powder mortar.

    What use as a result of powder mortar is fine arenaceous, fineness modulus is commonly 1.6, 2.2, inspect our make choice of through survey crusher of type of concussion of vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy, this equipment what wait for expensive especially hard, hard stock in raw material of corundum of other all sorts of ore, fireproof data, glass is medium fine arenaceous domain gets be used generally.

    Concussion type crusher (VSI makes arenaceous machine) working characteristic is a structure simple and reasonable, moving cost is low; Stone makes forge iron of stone, stone efficient and energy-saving, broken efficiency is tall; Have function of finely, kibble; Through be not broken stock ability strong, get stock moisture the impact is little, can amount to into makings water content 8% ; But broken in especially hard, hard stock (if corundum, agglomeration is aluminous the) such as vanadium earth, the product shows cube; Operation maintenance, installation is convenient; Dust pollution is little; Operation, maintenance is convenient, installation is convenient.

    Limited company of Zhengzhou SBM machine provides facility of project case arenaceous stone: Hydroelectric station of bay of cropland of freeway, arrowroot continent dam, Shi Cheng prevents Beijing Lu material of Jujian of Lai of steel of construction of city harbor dock, Lai makes arenaceous product line, Jinan build rubbish to produce powder project of to decoke of limestone of heat and power plant of large industry milling, advanced, the machine that grind coal is in mining industry company in factory of environmental protection boiler, grinder. SBM machine has old mine machine to produce experience, no matter actual strength, dimensions, equipment quality, technical service in mine machinery the industry is in lead position.