The use of peen of hammer type crusher maintains

  • Crusher manufacturer understands, the component that gives priority to with peen in hammer type crusher is to have very big tatty, decrease so wearing away also is to maintain a kind of method of hammer type crusher.

    Solve method of tatty of peen of hammer type crusher: New clothes peen must be secured close, outfit is good, the watch surface contact with the machine is smooth. Every batches of stock that enter crusher should have sampling observation, once produce the property of stock to have bigger change, be about to change the parameter of hammer type crusher in time, those who make is as suitable as entered stock close; Peen must choose hardness tall, wear-resisting, the data with beat back strong . It is broken in working process stock should join hammer type crusher equably moreover inside broken antrum, should avoid flank feed in raw material or stack feed in raw material, in order to prevent unilateral overload or bear overload; Below normal circumstance, the temperature rise of bearing does not exceed 35 ℃ , highest temperature does not exceed 70 ℃ , if exceed 70,should stop instantly when ℃ machine, find out a reason to try to eliminate; Stop before machine, answer to quit job of feed in raw material above all, treat broken cavity inside by broken content after complete eduction, just can shut electromotor; Be in broken when, because hammer type crusher is broken,be like block of the stock inside antrum and cause jockey, answer to shut electromotor instantly, after must keeping clear of stock, just can start again.