SBM Henan the 3rd movable type is broken station settle unseals concrete second birth uses a project

  • Recently, should Henan province unseals the requirement of the client of concrete agitate station of the market, zhengzhou SBM paddles his own canoe the crusher of new-style movable type of research and development does outfit go into work, hair toward unseal city. This mobile and broken station will apply in concrete broken project, pull open movable type of SBM mine aircraft formally from this what broken sizing device uses project application in second birth of concrete of Central Plains earth is prelusive!

    Broken station is in movable type of aircraft of Zhengzhou SBM mine unseal station of commodity concrete agitate uses the site

    This mobile and broken station is the 3rd movable type that SBM is in Henan area to apply successfully broken screening product, second birth of processing, concrete uses on two urban building rubbish that are in area of Zhengzhou new Zheng, Luoyang respectively wait for a project.

    Broken station model is the movable type that delivers goods this YPS200, by movable type broken station and screening stand two cars composition, treating capacity is 80-150 ton horary. Configuration international is advanced horizontal concrete is special crusher and efficient screening machine, this concrete crusher enters makings 700mm left and right sides, housing is bigger, tooth form strikes back board can come off reinforcing steel bar and concrete completely. Efficiency of this mobile crusher exercise is taller, dependability is better, the gush with advanced configuration drenchs remove dust equipment, puissant tramp iron separator, what can realize concrete is perfect and broken, contented agitate station discards 2 times second birth uses concrete!

    This asking that by machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine Yu Zhiyuan edits to be achieved formerly, without allowing, must not borrowed illegally and distort, find out lawfully otherwise!