The installation of roller type crusher plans the job and the operation detail of moving process

  • Roller type crusher also appeared recently of little scope rebound, winter came what the machinery of mine and so on wants to enter a sale is off-season, but the reliance that we believe us or can win a client through our credit and quality.
    The need in the preparation before the installation of roller type crusher works and running a course notes the following respects:
    One, preparation
    1. checks each part in good condition.
    Apparatus of 2. examination security, illume, signal is in good condition.
    3. checks each oiling the capacity is sufficient, cheer a quantity to want right amount, oleaginous want cleanness, keep lubricant and good.
    4. examination has thing of as good as inside roller type crusher.
    5. examination buffer is reliable, bear peg is in good condition, device of dustproof, sparge is effective.
    2, movement
    1. crusher must carry for nothing start.
    2. is received drive after signal, first actuate accepts stock facility, reopen crusher, electric current drops after coming to be worth normally, investment runs formally, sparge is dustproof at the same time. It is normal to often check electromotor and bearing temperature, whether is voltaic directive inside the limits of the requirement, voice of movement of tine roller crusher has as good as constant, discover accident and hidden danger, want to jockey instantly, and to attemper central station of floating dock gives out urgent shutdown alarm with concerned post.
    In 3. production forbidden open observation hole, in case stock flies off person.
    4. checks granuality to whether accord with a requirement, discovery exceeds a phenomenon badly to report processing in time.
    3, jockey
    1. receives shutdown alarm, stop to send to crusher makings; After broken stock platoon is empty, just can jockey, stop dustproof sparge at the same time, give out shutdown alarm to concerned post.
    The restart after 2. accident jockeys to also should keep clear of stock.
    3. has been done the equipment supervision after jockeying and maintain.
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